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EHP Labs Oxyshred is one of the worlds most powerful and best-selling thermogenic fat burners.

Are you having trouble getting the results you want in the gym? 

Perhaps you've been trying to lose some extra weight for an upcoming event or maybe you want to tone-up and get that summer body you've been persevering in the gym for, year after year, with little-to-no progress.

Oxyshred's potent thermogenic blend works hard to activate your metabolism and crank-up the heat, burning off that resistant white fat whilst energising the mind with added mood enhancers - so not only will you burn fat quicker and easier, but you'll feel great doing it!

One scoop of Oxyshred first thing in the morning or before a workout will give you the rev-up you need to get moving and support optimal levels of hyper lipolysis, the process of fat cell breakdown, throughout the day. 

Key benefits of Oxyshred

  • Boost your immune system with a mega-dose of vitamin C (222% of your recommended daily intake) 
  • Limit your calorie absorption
  • Immunity support with added vitamins, fibre and phytochemicals
  • Burn fat effectively and efficiently
  • No heavy stimulants which means no 'jitters' or 'shakes' caused by most fat burners
  • Oxyshred has zero sugars, zero sodium and zero fats to assist you with weight management
  • Enhance your mood, and feel better than ever
  • Try our range of delicious range of flavours!

The geniuses over at EHP Labs went the whole nine yards and incorporated as many beneficial ingredients as possible (like L-Glutamine, Acetyl L-Carnitine and vitamin C) for added immunity support. 

And just when you thought that it couldn't possibly get any better...

Oxyshred also reduces your calorie absorption and defeats those pesky sugar cravings (especially, during the dreaded mid-afternoon slump).

Compared to nearly all thermogenic fat-burners on the market, EHP Labs Oxyshred doesn't have any unpleasant side-effects, like an increase in heart-rate or that tell-tale feeling of the 'jitters'.

EHP Labs Oxyshred also comes in a range of super-tasty, 100% natural flavours that'll satisfy your sweet tooth, such as kiwi-strawberry, wild melon and pink grapefruit (our favourite's passionfruit!).

So, are you ready to conquer your fat-loss battle and get rid of that stubborn fat, once and for all?

Check out some of our Oxyshred reviews and see for yourself why everybody raves this smash-hit product, or if you've bought this product from Sportsfuel before, leave an Oxyshred review - we'd love to hear your feedback!

Key ingredients

  • L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid that helps muscles recover post-workout
  • Vitamin C is the best known antioxidant 
  • Taurine which alongside caffeine (sourced from green coffee bean extract), can boost muscular endurance and energy levels
  • Full-spectrum of B Vitamins, to maximise energy production and strengthen immunity.

Directions for use

Simply mix 1 scoop of EHP Labs Oxshred into 295ml of cold water. We recommend using this product first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, to stimulate fat-burning throughout the day.

On training days, take 1 scoop of EHP Labs Oxyshred 20 minutes before a workout (mixed with 295ml of cold water on an empty stomach) as an excellent pre-workout supplement.

Allergen Warning: Contains milk

How does Oxyshred work?

Oxyshred is a comprehensive formula which works to burn stubborn fat cells and boost your metabolic rate (the rate that your body burns energy from food).

As a thermogenic fat burner, Oxyshred generates heat during the process of metabolic stimulation. Fat receptor cells (the little guys in charge of your energy levels and how you store calories) are stimulated, which kick-starts the metabolism into action. Oxyshred causes an enzymatic reaction which also promotes an increased level of fat cell breakdown, also known as hyper lipolysis. 

This powerful product now contains the patented thermogenic ingredient Advantra Z or 'bitter orange fruit extract', which has the same properties as a regular thermogenic fat burner, without the scary side-effects such as an increased heart rate or creating any additional stress on the heart.

Oxyshred also includes Huperzone A, an ingredient that works to dial-up your cognitive ability, blood-flow to the brain, mental clarity and focus. When combined with the advanced ingredients in Oxyshred, Huperzone A can promote mood elevation and increased cognition - especially needed if you're on a calorie deficit diet (when you're eating fewer calories than you're burning throughout the day). 

Who should use Oxyshred?

Some of us have naturally slower metabolisms, which means we don't burn calories as efficiently as others, and we tend to store more fat. We've all got that one friend that stays super skinny no matter what they eat or how little they exercise - yeah, they've got a fast metabolism.

There are many external factors which can affect your metabolic rates, such as your age, any hormone disorders you might have, the environmental temperature and even the size of your body.

If you're struggling to lose body fat and need more energy - Oxyshred thermogenic fat burner will be an incredibly useful product for you.

Is Oxyshred good for weight loss?

Thermogenic fat burners like Oxyshred, are known for reducing appetite, as well as eliminating the nasty side effects many dieters experience, such as low-energy, moodiness, brain fog and lethargy.

EHP Labs Oxyshred also combines taurine, tyrosine and Acetyl L-Carnitine which have mood-enhancing properties, so even if you don't feel like heading to the gym on particular training days, Oxyshred will give you the get-up-and-go to smash out your training sessions.

The outstanding combination of ingredients found in Oxyshred has been proven to slow down calorie absorption, lower insulin levels and help fight off those evil sugar cravings.

If you're on a weight-loss journey and looking to get results fast - this product is perfect for you!

Is Oxyshred harmful?

No, Oxyshred isn't harmful. It's important to follow the directions when taking this supplement, due to the caffeine content there can be side effects if over-used.

We don't recommend taking it during the evening or any time after 4 pm, as caffeine has the potential to cause insomnia or difficulty sleeping.

To avoid caffeine intolerance, it's best to take a week's break from this product after every tub of Oxyshred you finish. Alike any nutritional supplement, listen to your body - if you think you need a break from a particular product, stop taking it for three consecutive days and drink plenty of water to flush out your body.

Do not use this product if you're pregnant or breastfeeding or if you suspect you have an underlying medical condition.

If you experience any side effects such as headaches, nausea or an upset stomach, stop taking this product immediately and consult with your doctor. 

Can I speed up my metabolism without using Oxyshred?

There are some ways to speed up your metabolism and reduce stubborn fat cells naturally. However, results vary for different people, as genetic make-up plays a vital part.

We recommend increasing your daily activity levels (even if that means going for an extra walk each day or using a standing desk at work) as well as incorporating strength training and high-intensity training into your fitness regime.

Make sure you're getting enough protein into your diet and drink plenty of water, and (we know you've heard it all before) but a good nights sleep, every night, will not only help to increase your metabolism but also improve your general health.

Fat burners such as EHP Labs Oxyshred work to increase your metabolism quickly and get you the results without having to wait, by trialling different approaches to your nutrition or lifestyleHowever, combining the power of Oxyshred with additional improvements to your lifestyle will provide you with guaranteed, sustainable weight loss. 

EHP Labs 

EHP Labs is a global sports supplement brand founded in 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The brand is dedicated to researching and formulating the highest quality products in the fitness industry.

EHP Labs primary objective is to assist people with their health & fitness goals and to maximise physical performance and recovery. Globally renowned for its weight loss product OxyShred, EHP Labs has assisted millions of people to achieve their weight loss and overall health and fitness goals in the past five years.

EHP Labs now has over 20 supplement products in its range specifically formulated to help athletes accomplish different goals including weight loss, pre-workout energy, muscle gain and muscular recovery.


Nutrition Facts For EHP Labs OxyShred Fat Burner

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