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EHP Labs OxyShred Fat Burner


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After creating OxyShred six years ago, it has gained global recognition and has helped millions of people in their fitness goals. EHPlabs research and development team are always keeping an eye on science and research into novel, new and potent ingredients that could assist our consumers reach their goals faster as part of our mission of never ending and continuous improvement.
Our R&D team have thoroughly researched some new ingredients and in order to increase the effect of OxyShred for our consumers, we have updated the ingredient formulation, whilst adding these ingredients, we have also taken the opportunity to use all NATURAL FLAVORS and COLORS and update the look of our label. The label now features bold, distinct and raised flavor icons to communicate to consumers clearer what they can expect from our flavors, as well as a modernised font across the front of label that is bold and strong, more in line with a fresh new look.
The more potent and effective ingredients increase fat burning capability, there are added nootropics for mood and focus, and OxyShred still provides the immunity, clean natural energy, and wellness you have always received from OxyShred.
Updated ingredients:
OxyShred now contains an amazing alternative patented thermogenic ingredient called Advantra Z aka Bitter Orange Fruit Extract aka P-Synephrine. Advantra Z is a Beta 3 Adrenergic amine, which means that it stimulates your body's fat burning receptor cells and natural energy, without placing additional stress on the heart or increasing heart rate.
In addition, we have added Huperzine A, a Nootropic that dials up your focus levels, cognitive ability, mental clarity and blood flow to the brain. This is especially effective when combined with the taurine, tyrosine and Acetyl l-carnitine in OxyShred, which synergistically works to promote mood elevation and cognition boost during a caloric deficit diet (ie, when dieters usually experience low energy, moodiness, brain fog and lethargy).
The final new ingredient added is Hydroxycitric Acid, which has been added to assist in blocking citrate lyase, the enzyme that is responsible for converting glucose (carb/sugars) into fat – which prevents additional carbs being used as fat storage.

Higenamine; is now a banned substance, so it would prevent anyone being tested by WADA and ASADA from taking the product.
L-Theanine – Advantra Z is superior to L-Theanine.
We have maintained our focus on Immunity, Wellness and Blood Sugar Balance. The updated OxyShred includes the same ingredients that promote immunity and wellness (glutamine, vitamin C, B vitamins, prebiotic fiber), as well as Chromium Picolinate to help balance blood sugar levels.





The most powerful fat burner is here! OxyShred from EHPlabs is a comprehensive formula that helps you burn stubborn fat cells and boost metabolic rate.

The thermogenic formula works by stimulating the fat receptor cells in the body while kick-starting metabolism. As more calories are burnt, more heat is generated, leading to increased break-down of fat cells or hyper-lipolysis.

The potent formula is backed by extensive scientific research and contains ingredients that have been recommended by experts for efficient fat burning.

OxyShred not only burns fat but provides immune support while boosting energy in a natural way. The ideal ratio and concentration of ingredients make OxyShred an ideal health and fitness partner.




With 100 % natural flavours, OxyShred tastes delicious and great, making it a perfect pre-workout supplement.


Here are the best features of OxyShred:


  •     Zero sugars, fats and sodium

  •          Mobilises and burns fat effectively

  •          Just 1 gram of carbohydrate per serve

  •          Megadose of Vitamin C at 222% of RDI

  •          No jitters thanks to the absence of heavy stimulants

  •          Limits absorption of calories

  •          Added vitamins, natural fibre and phytochemicals to boost immunity

  •          Enhances the mood

  •          Tastes great

The best of ingredients for hyper-lipolysis:

·         Glutamine: L-Glutamine is an important amino acid that helps muscles recover post-workout.

·         Vitamin C: OxyShred has a generous dose of vitamin C- the best known anti-oxidant- to help you maximise the health benefits of your workout.

·         Taurine: Studies show taurine, along with caffeine, boost muscular endurance by 50%.

·         B Vitamins: OxyShred is a unique formula containing the full spectrum of B vitamins to maximise energy production and boost immunity.

How to use OxyShred?


Morning: Drink OxyShred on an empty stomach in the morning to optimise fat burning for the rest of the day. Add one scoop of the formula to 295ml of cold water for maximum effect.


Training days: Take another scoop of OxyShred added to 295 ml of cold water 20 minutes before the workout, not later than 5 PM. As a highly effective pre-workout supplement, OxyShred boosts energy levels and focus.

Allegen Warning: Contains Milk


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Best Taste

Out of all the oxy flavours this one is the best! I take every day first thing in morning with cold fridge water and it’s pleasant! I have gone totally off coffee since drinking oxy, I’m alert and never tired. I don’t get any jitters like I have with other fat burners, it’s perfect! I would second orange gummy as next best flavour to this

Great taste

Great taste, dilutes easily. Only ever use as a pre workout, I do feel slightly jittery after taking but not noticeable once workout is started


Use Oxy-shred every morning. Have it already mixed up so when I wake up it's there to scull straight away to snap me out of it. Nice flavour and mixes well with your Aminos. Don't think by drinking this alone your going to be skinny, sort your nutrition out to see the benefits of Oxy-shred. Good for training and rest days.

orange gummy

Nice alternative to coffee first thing in the morning and pre-workout. Cleans you out a bit for the first week but seems to have settled down. No jitters noticed and no trouble sleeping even when taken for later workout. Orange Gummy flavour was exactly that! I prefer to drink it quickly with with room temp or even tepid water instead of ice cold.

Great Product

Fast shipping and tastes great