Carnitine supplements support fat loss and may improve workout performance. They work by aiding fatty acid conversion into fuel for energy. L-carnitine is a great addition to any weight loss plan. As well as aiding fast loss, it encourages a healthy environment for muscle development and growth. L-carnitine contains no stimulants, so can be stacked with fat burners and other supplements.

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What does L Carnitine do for you?

L-carnitine is an important amino acid naturally occurring in food, with key functions that can help burn fat and enhance athletic performance. Often called the 'ferry' of the body, l-carnitine is the only nutrient that shuttles fatty acids from the blood to the mitochondria, so that those fatty acids can be used as energy. Your own body can produce l-carnitine out of the amino acids lysine and methionine, however, you also need plenty of Vitamin C for your body to produce sufficient amounts.

It has been suggested that a special form of l-carnitine called acetyl l-carnitine can have beneficial effects on brain function, helping to prevent age-related mental decline and improve certain markers of learning.

L-carnitine is most known for its benefits on exercise performance and recovery. It may also improve recovery and reduce fatigue by increasing the oxygen supply to your muscles. L-carnitine increases the production of red blood cells, which transports oxygen throughout your body and muscles, leading to better blood flow. These are all benefits that can assist with endurance during workouts and bouncing back after them.

A carnitine deficiency results from low intake of this important amino acid. Low levels of l-carnitine can cause issues such as muscle aches, fatty liver and fatigue.

Does L Carnitine help you lose weight?

L-carnitine can assist in weight loss thanks to its ability to shuttle fatty acids around the body and turn them into energy. Fatty acids from food are transported to the mitochondria of the cell, where they are converted into energy. This helps you to burn fat during workouts while at the same time preventing fatigue and that sluggish feeling many people experience when dieting.

L-carnitine also helps with endurance during exercise, which means you may be able to work out for longer and burn more fat.

Does L Carnitine have side effects?

L-carnitine is viewed as a very safe supplement to take. It can also be taken alongside fat burner supplements or anything containing caffeine, because it contains no stimulants. This makes it a great supplement to add to your morning or pre-workout routine alongside your favourite fat burner, coffee or green tea.

Doses of 2 grams per day for most people seem to be well-tolerated and safe.

When should you take L Carnitine?

L-carnitine levels are influenced by how much you're eating and how much your body is producing. L-carnitine levels can be particularly low in individuals that eat vegetarian or vegan diets, since they restrict or avoid animal products. This supplement could be beneficial to those people, to ensure they are consuming enough l-carnitine.

As an aid in weight loss, l-carnitine is usually taken in doses of around 2 grams per day, however, as with any supplement, you should seek medical advice before starting carnitine supplementation.

L-carnitine is absorbed very quickly into the body, especially when in liquid form, usually mixed with water. It is best to take first thing in the morning and/or directly after a workout. The recommended 2 gram doses should be evenly split up into 2-3 doses to be consumed throughout the day.

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