5 Secrets for Bulking Up: Top Tips for Hard Gainers

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5 Secrets for Bulking Up: Top Tips for Hard Gainers
You've grown up with people admiring your ability to eat what you want when you want without gaining a pound, but that fast metabolism of yours isn't doing you much good now that you've set your sights on bulking up. If it seems like no matter how hard you train or what changes you try to make to your diet, you just can't pack on the pounds of muscle mass that you desire--you're a hard gainer. Following these five nutrition tips can help you complement your fitness routine and make it easier for you to bulk up:

1. Eat a Little Dirty.

Nowadays, everyone is concerned with sticking to a clean eating routine with healthy foods like egg whites, lean protein and sweet potatoes. While you don't want to begin eating nothing but junk food, letting yourself indulge in a dirty little treat or two can help you see better results when you step on the scale. Complement your healthy whole food diet with the occasional extra dose of fat or simple carbohydrates. Don't be afraid to have a few cookies, a piece of cake or two or some ice cream from time to time.

2. Don't Forgo Fats.

Many hard gainers find it hard to physically eat enough to pack on the pounds as it's just not comfortable to gorge yourself and walk around with a bloated stomach. Adding extra fats to your foods can give you an extra dose of calories without requiring you to eat a high volume of food. Choose unsaturated fats like extra virgin olive oil or foods that are lower in saturated fat like peanut butter to enhance meals.

3. Keep Eating Carbs.

Cutting out carbohydrates is a killer for hard gainers like you. Your body is going to need them to supply you with energy and keep your muscles maintained between workouts. As a hard gainer, carbs are an important friend to keep in your diet. In addition to whole grains and healthy carbs, you're one of the few rare people who can actually eat things like pizza, plates full of pasta and sugary foods. They'll give you a massive dose of calories to support your weight gain efforts. Be mindful of eating too many high fiber foods, too. They're incredibly filling and can make it hard for you to keep up with frequent eating.

4. Munch Around the Clock.

Eating more frequently will help further your mission to sneak in extra calories. Try eating every 2 to 3 hours per day and make sure you're eating protein every single time you stop for a meal or a snack. If you don't have time to fix something or cook, just reach for a mass gainer supplement shake that you can quickly sip to fill up on calories and keep your body working to build muscle.

 5. Write It Down.

You may not be eating as much as you think. Download an app that allows you to record what you're eating with just a tap or two on the screen and log everything. This way, you'll be able to see precisely how many calories you're consuming and find places where you can make changes to start increasing muscle mass.

In addition to fine tuning your diet by following the tips outlined above, you can increase your chances of gaining bulk by adding the right weight gainer supplements to your sports nutrition plan.

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