Balance Ultra Ripped Review

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Balance Ultra Ripped Review

Looking for a good fat loss protein? Wit the supplement market so competitive and the number of brands available, it can be quite overwhelming.  To make life easier, why not choose a high quality local product packed full of high quality ingredients? We present you, Balance Ultra Ripped Protein.

Ultra Ripped Ingredients

Unlike many other fat loss proteins, Ultra Ripped uses only whey protein isolates (WPI) as the sole protein source. This breaks the tradition of using protein blends that are both cheaper and also less pure. Not only that, but the proteins used in Balance products come from New Zealand’s own excellent dairy sources, which are world famous for quality. Other than the high quality protein, Ultra Ripped has a range of fat/carb burning and metabolising ingredients such as green tea extract, caffeine, L-carnitine, hydroxycitric acid, chromium, choline, and inositol.

Ultra Ripped Effectiveness

Ultra Ripped is an extremely effective fat loss protein powder. First of all, its protein content is very high, thanks to the use of whey protein isolates. This allows for maximum protein and minimum fat and carbs per serve. In each 30 g serve, you get 110 calories from 25.1 g protein, and only 0.4 g fat, and 0.7 g carbs. Such an impressive protein content helps you feel fuller for longer, while also preserving muscle mass to maintain high metabolism during periods of fat loss. In addition to this, the generous doses of fat loss ingredients help further to burn additional fat when combined with diet and exercise.

Ultra Ripped Taste & Mixabilty

Ultra Ripped is instantised so it mixes very easily without any clumping. It comes in a three different flavours (chocolate, vanilla, and cookies & cream). The shake has a slightly thick consistency, and tastes great.

Ultra Ripped Benefits

The quality of Balance products are difficult to match. The team at Balance provide highly detailed documentation regarding their manufacturing processes, which is something that certainly deserves showing off. They have impeccable quality control and assurance and are certified with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and Medsafe. Such stringent quality control processes makes sure that you, the consumer, gets the very best.

Ultra Ripped Negatives

It is hard to find criticisms for such a solid product. Really, the only potential downside to Ultra Ripped is that although it is fortified with vitamins and minerals, the levels are quite low. This is just something to be mindful of if you intend on regularly using this product as a meal replacement.

Ultra Ripped Verdict

If you are looking for a high quality fat loss protein powder made from premium New Zealand dairy protein, then Balance Ultra Ripped Protein is the product to go for. Not only does it have an excellent nutritional profile and ingredients, but it also is a fantastic tasting and good value for money supplement. Recommended!

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