Boosting your daily hydration

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Boosting your daily hydration

Learn how to amplify your daily hydration and feel more energetic!

Staying hydrated is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle, from keeping a strong immune system to gut health and anti-ageing benefits. Drinking plenty of water helps with staying alert, preventing headaches, maintaining clear skin and preventing fatigue, especially when training regularly. 

We've all heard that drinking (at least) eight glasses of water a day is the recommended amount for keeping healthy, but for some people that number can seem like a lot, or the amount quite vague. 

There are a few ways to increase your water intake or capitalise on the amount you're already drinking. Use the advice below make sure you're hydrated at all times, so that you can perform at your best!

Add Fresh Ingredients

A glass of lemon and mint water

A great way to entice yourself to drink more water is to add fresh ingredients to it, to not only liven up the taste but to add beneficial nutrients as well!

Many people distain the plain taste of water and find it boring or difficult to drink a lot. Slices of lemon, mint leaves or cucumber can be the added zing you need to feel exited about taking your water bottle with you everywhere. 

A few slices of lemon or squeezing the juice of a lemon into you water bottle can definitely turn your water up a level, adding a zesty taste that makes it seem even more refreshing. Lemon juice also contains antioxidants that can help cells repair from damage and is a great way to get a little extra Vitamin C in to you diet along with assisting immunity and metabolic health. 

Mint leaves may seem a little fancy for every day drinking sure, we're used to seeing them in $16 cocktails! But they do have a bunch of cool benefits and a little plant can be bought cheaply from the supermarket and added to a tiny herb garden no sweat. Adding a few mint leaves will give a super fresh taste to your water, but they also have great anti-inflammatory properties (which can improve gum and teeth health) and are known to be antibacterial. 

Cucumber is another great, fresh addition you can easily find in the produce section to boost your daily hydration. Like the other ingredients mentioned, cucumber slices can add a nice new taste to your water to make it much less boring as well as having health benefits. Cumbers contain cool antioxidants like Beta Carotene, Manganese and Vitamin C that help with a bunch of things! Cucumber water is also know as being great for detoxifying your body thanks to its Vitamin K levels and Potassium. 

Adding any of these ingredients to a glass of water or water bottle everyday is a great way to kickstart and capitalise on hydration. A great trick is to add all 3 (lemon, mint, cucumber) to a pitcher or jug of water and let the flavours and benefits infuse over night before consuming. Having a large jug of this on the fridge also saves slicing, picking and infusing time which is great too!

Try A Hydration Supplement!

A fit man drinking from a jug of water  

If you're struggling to get enough glasses of water in a day, you're not alone! Many people have jobs or lifestyles where it's hard to even remember to drink or get access to water throughout the day. If that's the case for you, adding a hydrating supplement to your diet may help you feel hydrated faster and hold on to the benefits of your fluids while trying your best to get enough consumed. 

When we work out hard, we tend to sweat out many of our vital minerals and antioxidants. It can be hard to replace these on the go or quickly post workout. Using a supplement such as the Nuun Hyrdration Tabs or Pure Electrolyte Hydration Sachets is a super easy way to replenish those electrolytes and optimise hydration. 

There are a bunch of great hydration supplement choices on the Sportsfuel website that contain a mixture of ingredients to help with everything from reducing cramps to improving energy output and endurance! 

Eat Water - Rich Foods

A tray of sliced watermelon

A great sneaky way to increase the amount of H20 you're consuming everyday is to eat it! That may sound strange, but the concept is simple; eat foods that have high water content. As we've mentioned, hydration is very important and every little bit counts, so eating your way to a fresh and healthy life is a key part of the equation too. 

Make sure that your shopping list is full of things like Watermelon (92% water), Cucumber (96% water) and Grapefruit (91% water). You can also add these things to dinner recipes to really reap the rewards, such as substituting pasta with Cucumber noodles and adding Grapefruit to salads on the side of grilled proteins. 



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