Can You Build Muscle With Plant Protein?

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Can You Build Muscle With Plant Protein?

A common misconception about plant based foods is they lack the protein needed to build muscle and make noticeable gains. But the reality is if you’re trying to lose fat, increase your strength, or build muscle mass - supplementing with plant based protein is NOT going to hinder your progress.

In fact, many gym goers and elite athletes have benefited greatly from a plant based diet, or using plant based protein supplements. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of supplementing with plant protein and how (if used correctly) it can help you build muscle mass and strength.

Plant Based Proteins Are Low In Saturated Fat

Saturated fats are found in common food items such as meat, dairy and eggs. Increased levels of saturated fats in your blood can raise your cholesterol levels. This means eating high amounts of these products can increase your chances of future heart problems. Unsaturated fats on the other hand, can be found in foods like nuts and seeds - and are great alternatives to help your heart stay healthy.

No Growth Hormones Or Antibiotics

As you may already be aware, much of the meat you find in supermarkets these days is processed. This production process commonly involves using growth hormones and antibiotics. While there are a plenty of clean meat options out there, with plant based protein you can easily avoid this problem altogether.

Alkaline Forming, Not Acid Forming

A common diet (including food items like meat and bread) is what you call “acid forming,” which is not ideal for maintaining your body’s natural alkaline PH levels. By eating or supplementing with plant based ingredients, you can experience the benefits of “alkaline forming” foods. Alkaline forming foods have been shown to help reduce stress and inflammation, as well as maintain healthy bones.

Easier To Digest

Foods in a plant based diet are generally easier for your body to digest - especially raw foods. This is typically due to their fiber content, which is important for efficient digestion. Obviously, if your body’s using less energy to digest certain foods, it’s going to give you more energy to use throughout day.

Are Plant Protein Sources “Complete”?

Another common misconception about plant proteins is they aren’t “complete” sources of protein. A complete protein contains all of the essential amino acids, acids your body cannot produce on its own. However, your body can still get these amino acids from combining different foods and ingredients. Hemp seeds, quinoa, seaweed, kelp and spirulina are just some examples of complete protein sources which are plant based.

Experience The Benefits Of Plant Based Protein

Although a lot of people shy away from plant based protein, the truth is many people have experienced great benefits supplementing with plant based products, or eating a plant based diet. Not only this, because plant based proteins are rich in antioxidants, they’re also going to help you recover quicker and feel ready to take on your next workout.

Remember it’s best to get your plant protein from whole foods and alkaline forming sources such as nuts, seeds and plant friendly supplements. These all contain “complete protein” which is important for building muscle and strength.

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