Coffee or a PreWorkout Supplement?

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Coffee or a PreWorkout Supplement?

We often hear people say that a coffee is just as good as a pre workout, in way they are correct - both contain caffeine - which is a proven performance enhancer. However there are some key advantages to choosing a pre-workout.

The Extras

Pre-workouts will often have creatine, beta alanine, amino acids, carnitine, vitamins and minerals added to not only help with performance but also to help with recovery. And ladies, no they will not build massive muscles! These ingredients will help you get the best out of your workout and help you recover in time for your next workout.


Now if you simply grab a teaspoon of Greggs coffee and use that then yes you are saving money, but in reality how many of us do that? What we see in reality is people grab a cappuccino for around $4-$5 versus a pre-workout scoop at around $1-$2. People see the tub price and make the decision that it is expensive, instead look for the price per serve. p.s. All products on the Sportsfuel website have the price per serve showing so you can compare apples with apples.


How many calories are in that coffee? it really depends what type, whether there is cream or milk added, how many sugars? Compare this to a pre-workout like Musclepharm Assault with 40 calories per serve.


How many teaspoons do you add to your coffee? be honest. Most pre-workouts have zero or very low sugar. They taste great (usually) and come in a wide range of flavours to suit anyone's taste buds.


Wake up, get dressed and head off to training.. oh hang on - boil the jug and make a coffee or shoot down to the coffee shop to grab one. Or simply add a scoop in to your water bottle and head off. Which one do you prefer at 5.30am in the morning? Or on the way to the gym after finishing work for the day? No measuring, minimal mixing, just water and a glass or drink bottle required.

At the end of the day we all enjoy a good coffee, but in terms of getting the most out of your workout, the correct pre-workout far outperforms a coffee. Pre-workouts have been proven in study after study to improve workout performance, so don't short-change yourself, get the results you deserve with the intelligent use of pre-workout supplementation.

A word of warning: Pre workouts are strong and they need to be used carefully and intelligently. We all have that friend who decided not to read the label, not to follow advice, or that if one scoop was great two would be twice as good - they ended up feeling sick, jittery, or worse and then conveniently blamed the product.
If you haven't used pre-workouts before, start with a half or even quarter scoop and test your tolerance, don't be a hero, the goal is increased performance and recovery. These products are strong and should always be used carefully.

Need help finding the right pre-workout? Email us or give us a call and we can share our experiences with you.

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