Musclepharm Grass Fed Whey Review

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Musclepharm Grass Fed Whey Review
Musclepharm Grass Fed Whey Protein is one of the newest Musclepharm products that has been released as part of the Musclepharm Natural Series. The Musclepharm Natural range is designed to offer results-focused nutrition that is clean, pure, and made with wholesome ingredients. Natural proteins are becoming widely popular as both the general public, and athletes, are becoming more educated about the effects of processed and artificial ingredients. So let’s take a closer look at Musclepharm Grass Fed Whey.

What does Grass Fed Whey mean?

Grass Fed Whey

It’s probably a common misconception that all cows live on a farm and eat grass. Maybe they also eat hay, but that’s technically just dried grass anyway. Unfortunately this isn’t always true. Many commercial farming operations feed their cows primarily with grains such as corn. Corn fattens a cow up faster than grass does and also requires less space to feed the cow. Think a paddock of grass vs a trough of grain. This allows farmers to raise more cattle in smaller spaces because they don’t need access to multiple paddocks of grass. As the number of cattle being raised in a small space grows, there is less room for the cattle to move around and exercise.

Grass fed whey protein comes from the milk produced by grass fed cows. These cows are fed only grass and provided room to exercise. This natural diet of grass is better for the cows’ digestive system and so reduces the risk of complications.


Each serving (32.5g) contains 25g pure un-denatured protein. Denaturing occurs when whey protein is exposed to high heat during the filtration or pasteurization process. When a protein is denatured, the amino acids present are broken down. Your body can still use the amino acids in denatured whey but they cannot be absorbed as effectively. Musclepharm have used cold cross-flow micro-filtration to separate the whey protein isolate from the milk. This process removes the unwanted lactose, carbohydrates, and fats, from the milk while keeping the amino acids intact.

Musclepharm Grass Fed Whey contains minimal fat (0.5g per serve), a low amount of carbohydrates (3g per serve), and only 1g sugar per serve. There are no added sugars as the protein is sweetened with Stevia. This clean macronutrient profile makes it perfect for gym goers or athletes looking to increase their protein intake without increasing fat, sugar, or carbohydrates.

As expected, with only 1g sugar per serve, this isn’t a sweet protein – sorry folks, this doesn’t taste like a milkshake. What does it taste like? Natural, wholesome, good for you. There are two flavours available, chocolate and vanilla. The chocolate flavour is similar to the taste profile of dark chocolate with more of a deep, bittersweet cocoa taste. Like hot chocolate without the five teaspoons of sugar your standard barista-made drink contains. Musclepharm proves that we don’t need all of that extra added sugar as the Grass Fed Whey Protein still tastes great without it!

Musclepharm Grass Fed Whey also contains no soy or gluten.

Pros:Musclepharm Grass Fed Whey

  • 25g undenatured protein per serve

  • Clean macronutrient profile

  • Gluten free, soy free

  • Made from Grass Fed Whey

  • Natural protein that still delivers great results

  • Informed Choice certified


  • Higher cost than standard whey

  • Only available in 1lb or 2lb tub size

  • May not be sweet enough for some tastes


It’s great to see a company that is concerned about where the milk they are using for whey is coming from. With this product, Musclepharm gives consumers a high quality, ethically sourced, natural whey protein that still has 25g protein per serve. They’ve really made sure to keep this protein clean with no added sugars, artificial ingredients or soy. Unfortunately the higher cost may prevent some from choosing to buy Grass Fed Whey, however we believe it is well worth it for the product features you currently won’t find in many other proteins available in New Zealand.

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