Sports Supplements Secrets to Boost Your Stamina, Speed, and Strength

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Sports Supplements Secrets to Boost Your Stamina, Speed, and Strength
Dieticians and fitness professionals are often asked the same question again and again, “What’s your secret?” It’s as if those who want to see better results from their workouts assume that there is a magic pill or a silver bullet that will help them achieve their fitness goals.

The truth is that there are some sports supplements that will alter the goals of those who take them. There are some “secrets” that professionals know that most may not. Here are some of the most powerful supplement secrets to being fitter, faster, and healthier.


Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid in our bodies. It’s how our bodies get nitrogen around and is highly responsible for the metabolism our bodies have.  It also aids with our immune systems and restoring our energy.

What’s the secret?

Taking a glutamine supplement is a great way to see better results if you’re trying to cut weight or build up muscle fast. You won’t risk losing your energy after a particular gruelling workout session or game. You won’t lose your energy reserves as fast as your opponent, and you’ll see the weight fall off easier if you’re on a glutamine supplement to boost production and transportation of nitrogen around your body.

Casein and Whey

Casein protein is one of those sports supplements that everybody should know but don’t. Casein is a naturally found protein in milk and dairy. It’s an effective time-released protein over a period of about 7 hours. Whey protein powder from NZ is a natural buddy of casein because the two work together. Whey is also a protein found in milk, but it peaks its protein delivery in about 90 minutes.

What’s the secret?

Combining the two proteins will see a slow and fast protein delivery to your body. That means you can re-build your muscles in record time after an intense workout. Your improved anabolic processes mean rapid recovery and building of muscle mass. So, if your goal is to bulk up, these sports supplements are absolutely essential and used by bodybuilders the world over.

Beta Alanine

This is a non-essential amino acid that regulates our body’s ability to handle carsonine in our muscles. It’s a stabilising agent that keeps the PH balance in our muscles at peak levels. Those who are involved in serious aerobic activity and high-intensity sports need this regulator amino acid in their bodies.

What’s the secret?

This is a relatively unheard sports supplement among the regular supplements people know. That’s why this little secret is so powerful. It boosts your body’s endurance levels. You won’t get tired out to fast with no build-up of acid in your muscles to fatigue you early on. That fatigue delay means you can perform faster, longer, and continue on past the breaking point of all other competitors. This makes it particularly useful for bodybuilders and is one of the most used bodybuilding supplements in NZ.


It’s hard to compile a list of secret sports supplements without mention of this powerful supplement. It’s a naturally forming acid that your body uses to increase the energy delivery to your muscles. It’s used best in combination with a supplement like whey which increase performance in the muscles and the high-intensity actions it’s called to do.

What’s the secret?

Of all the analogies for this supplement, the best way to understand creatine powder is as a second battery in your car. It supplements the power and energy so that you have reserves when needed. Unlike all other supplements, this comes with a high level of response, with no adverse side effects through its intensive research and use. In other words, it’s one of those “secrets” that you’ll learn everybody already knows.


This is a naturally occurring sugar substances formed by glucose and the glutamine amino acid. It helps rebuild and protect the joints in our bodies. They also help with pain relief and inflammation related to joints.

What’s the secret?

Any amount of physical activity will see an increased amount of strain on your joints. This could be your shoulders, your knees, or your hips. Keeping those joints looked after and healthy is the key to consistent performance over the long term. Most people involved in some form of exercise aren’t interested in short-term gains and results. They want a healthy body to last for years to come. Maintaining your joints is crucial to see that happen over the long term.

The next time you see a successful athlete or bodybuilder, you won’t have to ask them for their secret. You’ll already have the best sports supplements for your healthy and active body. Start taking some of these “silver bullets” as a part of your healthy exercise regimen and soon you’ll have people coming up to asking for your secret.

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