Top 8 Collagen Products You Need For Beautiful Hair, Skin And Nails

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Many of us suffer from fine lines and wrinkles, acne, brittle nails, dry hair or cellulite...

But, what if we told you there was a solution to your beauty struggles, that guaranteed results? 

Check out the top collagen products you need for firmer, glowing skin, long, luscious hair and stronger nails (trust us, not only will you look amazing, but you’ll feel it, too!). 

1) ATP Science NoWay Collagen Protein 

NoWay Collagen protein works to repair and grow lean muscle, plus, it's packed with bovine collagen, in an easy-to-absorb formula. Grab a tub of creamy chocolate or strawberry-flavoured NoWay Collagen protein and enjoy the all-natural goodness!

Buy now $44.90

  • 16g of protein per serving for increased muscle growth 
  • Perfect for anyone on a weight-loss journey, this great-tasting protein is sugar-free, low-fat and low-carb 
  • Gluten-free & dairy-free makes this protein supplement safe for those with food intolerances and allergies.

2) BePure Collagen+ (NEW)

Formulated with 10g of high-strength, premium-grade marine collagen and bursting with antioxidants such as vitamin e, vitamin c, zinc and keratin to soothe inflammation. BePure Collagen comes in two delicious flavours, vanilla or chai, which can be mixed with water or added to smoothies!

Buy now $104.90

  • Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients 
  • Gluten, Soy, Dairy and GMO-free, so it’s better for you and for the environment 
  • Contains ingredients which protect against UV damage
  • Perfect for those suffering from visible skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, melasma and eczema.

3) Hydroxycut Max For Women + Collagen 

This powerful weight-loss formula gives you fast-acting energy plus, it’s packed with ingredients that work to boost your metabolism, whilst providing you with a hit of biotin, collagen, iron and folic acid - so you can slim down, whilst looking and feeling your best!

Buy now $29.90

  • Look amazing and feel amazing thanks to its Radiance Complex (contains Biotin, Collagen & Iron) 
  • Contains science-proven weight-loss ingredients 
  • Rapid-release capsules can be thrown in your purse for on-the-go energy. 

4) Nature’s Best Collagen Powder 

Nature's Best Collagen Powder contains Type 1, 2 & 3 collagen in an easily digestible powder-form. This stuff can be added to juice or smoothies plus, it’s boosted with added Vitamin C. Oh, and we’ve thrown in a free shaker for a limited time only - so get in quick!

Buy now $34.90

  • Supports strong joints, cartilage and glowing skin 
  • Gluten-free & dairy-free (safe for those with allergies & intolerances)
  • Made with zero fat and no added sugar makes this perfect for anyone on a weight-loss journey. 

5) Nothing Naughty Collagen Peptides Powder 

Say hello to thicker hair, radiant skin and stronger nails thanks to Nothing Naughty. Naturally unflavoured, you can add Nothing Naughty Collagen to yoghurt, your usual protein shake, hot beverages or even baking!

Buy now $49.90

  • Can be baked or added to hot drinks without losing its bioactive properties. 
  • Naturally flavoured, sweetened with stevia makes this ideal for those on a weight-loss journey.   

6) ATP Science NoWay Hot Chocolate Collagen Protein

Looking for a healthy alternative to your favourite hot drink? ATP Science NoWay Hot chocolate is made with gut-friendly collagen and calming magnesium, plus, it tastes divine on a cold winters night!

Buy now $64.90

  • With only 1.5g of sugar per serving, you can indulge without the guilt!
  • Can be served hot or ice-cold, simply mix with your favourite dairy-based or plant-based milk
  • Contains magnesium to reduce stress and improve your sleep quality.  

7) X50 Revolver MCT Collagen Coffee

Smooth, creamy and bound to impress even die-hard coffee drinkers. This super-tasty coffee powder is packed with collagen and MCT oil. Grab the X50 Revolver Collagen Coffee today and experience healthy skin, reduced inflammation and improved digestive health - whilst getting your daily caffeine hit!

Buy now $59.90

  • Keto-friendly this stuff is packed with fatty acids used to keep the body in a state of ketosis 
  • Single-serve sachets make it easy to consume on-the-go 
  • May help those suffering from stress, inflammation or leaky gut syndrome. 

8) Horleys Sculpt Marine Collagen 

Made with sustainably-sourced Marine Collagen, Horleys Sculpt formula is designed to protect you from free radical damage whilst healing your skin from the inside out. Plus, this stuff comes in a pack of travel-friendly sachets - throw one in your handbag, car or even in the office desk!

Buy now $24.90

  • Reduces the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Sustainably sourced from fish 
  • Neutral taste and smell make this ideal to add to food or beverages. 

Check out Sportsfuel’s huge range of collagen supplements here and see for yourself why everybody’s talking about this holy grail supplement! 

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