What Are Pre-Workout Supplements And Who Should Take Them?

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What Are Pre-Workout Supplements And Who Should Take Them?

Getting the best results from your workouts depends on many different factors.

Factors like: Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating a healthy and balanced diet? Are you performing the right exercises? Are you using the correct equipment? While you can’t always control all of the above factors, there is one thing you can use to get what you’re missing and fast track your gains: Supplementation.

Pre-workout supplements in particular, are great for performing better in the gym, giving you the added intensity and energy you don’t typically get from your diet. But before we talk more about the benefits of pre-workout, let's recap what these energy boosting supplements are and how they work:

What Are Pre-Workout Supplements?

Athletes take pre-workout supplements before they workout to help them train harder in the gym. They come packed with a range of energy boosting ingredients, each with its own specific purpose. Pre-workout supplements typically come in powder (to be mixed with liquid) and pill forms. In some cases pre-workout can also be found in food products like protein bars.

Are Pre-Workout Products Effective?

The short answer is yes. A number of studies have shown taking pre-workout can have positive effects during and after workouts. According to The US National Library of Medicine - taking pre-workout has been proven to help you work out for longer and improve your reaction time. Other studies show these supplements can significantly increase concentration levels and help you feel less fatigued.

Who Should Take Pre-Workout Supplements?

Although the benefits of pre-workout are endorsed by various scientific studies, this doesn’t mean they’re right for everyone. With that in mind, here are four clues to help you identify whether or not pre-workout supplements are right for you:

1.You Lack Energy Before You Workout
Everyone has days where it feels like your body isn’t cooperating. Or maybe you’re still recovering from a previous workout. If you’re feeling fatigued, using pre-workout is great way to help push passed the tiredness and smash out an epic workout.

2.You’re Looking To Build More Endurance
By taking pre-workout you’re going to give your body the extra boost it needs to endure more pain and work harder. Pushing through your workouts will ultimately improve your endurance and lead to more gains.

3.You Want To Recover Faster
The magic of pre-workout doesn't just occur before and during your workouts. Studies also show that amino acid based pre workout supplements help reduce muscle breakdown and aid with recovery. This means you won’t experience as much muscle soreness and you’ll bounce back quicker. Perfect if you need to be ready for sports games, events or competitions in quick time.

4.You’re Not Motivated To Workout
We all have days when we’re just not feeling it. The negative thoughts creep in and you don’t feel motivated to give it your best in the gym. And let's face it, if you’re not in a positive mood, you’re probably not going to have a good workout.

The good news is, taking pre-workout sends a chemical signal to your brain helping it to wake up. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling ready to take on the world and have a top workout.

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