Bulk Up, NZ! Whey Protein Powder’s Punch

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Bulk Up, NZ! Whey Protein Powder’s Punch
Eat more protein! That’s the advice all gym goers and bodybuilders hear. The truth is that not all protein is the same. Different types of protein are more beneficial to those who want to bulk up their muscles and tone their bodies in NZ.

Whey protein powder continually ranks number one as one of the most powerful and popular protein powders to build more muscle mass. So what is it about this powerful protein that packs such a punch?

The Origins of Whey Protein Powder

NZ gyms all love to tout whey powder as the newest way to build muscle fast, but in truth, it’s been a prescribed protein for nearly 2500 years. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates (think the Hippocratic Oath), was first known to prescribe it to his patients as a way to improve health.

Whey, the natural substance left over after cheese is made, is a protein that is very quickly absorbed into the body. It breaks down after only 10 hours, so it used to be highly revered in its raw state.

Entire health spas revolved around drinking pure whey to improve a number of health conditions. The farmers would carefully time to production so that spa residents could drink it with their breakfast for maximum effect.

Now that whey is in powdered form, it’s much easier to obtain and more accessible for everyone.

What does Whey Protein Powder Do?

As a highly-studied substance, whey is proven to have beneficial side effects for a number of diseases. It can affect blood pressure, depression, and even treat the symptoms of HIV and cancer.

It does more than just that. It’s a popular in sports supplements because it packs a powerful punch in the gym. It allows the taker to build up muscle mass, tone down fat, and increase strength dramatically. Its rapid absorption in the body allows it to be taken up in as little as 90 minutes.

How Does Whey Protein Powder Work?

Whey is a type of protein that partners well with casein, another milk protein. It is a natural-forming amino acid that helps build up the cells in our bodies. Protein is a necessary ingredient to make our bodies regenerate and build up tissue.

The way our muscles work is that they are contractile, which means they can only pull. When you flex your biceps, that muscle is pulling the arm up. To counter that effect, the triceps pull the arm down on the other side.

That contractile fibre is what whey targets when absorbed into the body. The body builds up the contractile tissue with the whey protein powder, building the muscle rapidly after deterioration from an intense workout.

In comparison, other proteins don’t have the same effect. It could take time to break down, thus not reaching the muscle in time to build up tissue, as in the case with casein protein which can take up to 6 hours to fully break down in the body. The whey proteins are highly effective at building up human tissue because they are so easily absorbed.

So, if you’re looking to build some muscle or just want to see better performance in the gym, whey protein powder is NZ’s best option to do that. Everybody from athletes to fitness models to bodybuilders use whey protein as their natural performance enhancer. You too can see those same results with this one powerful supplement.

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