Why You Should Consider Switching to a Paleo Diet

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Why You Should Consider Switching to a Paleo Diet

The paleo diet has been sweeping across extreme fitness circles around the world but has left many dieters confused. Many people associate the paleo diet with extreme workout trends like CrossFit and don't believe switching to Paleolithic eating could be beneficial to an ordinary person who is simply trying to lose weight or become healthy.

The paleo diet contributes to healthier brain function

Cold water fish (ideally, wild-caught salmon) are a staple in any Paleolithic lifestyle. They are packed full of protein and omega 3 fatty acids which contain DHA. DHA has been proven to be beneficial for your heart, eyes and perhaps most importantly your brain function.

The paleo diet increases muscle and helps cut fat

A true paleo diet is heavily reliant on the anabolic proteins found in animal flesh, this helps your body to build new muscle-mass. Furthermore, the more muscle a person has on their body, the better their metabolism will work. When you increase the muscle cells in your body through a Paleolithic diet, any extra energy in your body will be transported to the glycogen in your muscles instead of triglycerides in your fat cells.

The paleo diet improves gut-health

The man-made, processed foods that are filling up the shelves of supermarkets today often cause inflammation inside of your intestinal tract. This inflammation mixed with stress or other health issues can cause intestinal infections and abrasions. The paleo diet removes unhealthy foods from your diet that may trigger intestinal distress.

The paleo diet decreases allergies

Many of the most common foods in typical households are known to trigger allergic reactions. Often food allergies can go undetected for decades due to the fact that most allergic symptoms are not visible from outside of the human body. The paleo diet eliminates grain and dairy for at least the first month which allows the average dieters body enough time to begin repairing itself from years of damage.

The paleo diet increases energy

Most foods on the paleo diet have a low glycemic index, which means the sugars are absorbed more slowly in your body. Slow digestion of sugars can help you to avoid the inevitable energy-crash that occurs after eating processed, sugary foods, or drinking caffeinated beverages.

Many people who switch to the paleo diet would agree that the benefits reach far beyond weight-loss and increased muscle mass. It is not uncommon for individuals that eat a strict paleo diet to experience clearer skin, shinier hair and even a decrease in asthma flair-ups. If you are looking for a diet that is safe for the whole family, delicious, and effective in helping you become healthier, the paleo diet is for you!


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