Whey Protein Blend

If you’re looking for a rich source of protein, you cannot miss Whey Protein. It is one of the two types of protein derived from milk, the other being casein protein. Whey Protein is a complete protein as it contains all non essential amino acids. Being low in lactose content also makes it a versatile dietary supplement. So don't miss out and directly check our wide range of high-quality Whey Protein Blend today!

Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate are the two common forms of Whey Protein. The former undergoes more processing, resulting in a higher protein content and less carbs, fat and lactose. Otherwise, the difference in nutritional content between both is not much. That being said, both are high-quality proteins, and are therefore blended to deliver maximum impact.

Why you need the best Protein Blend

Whey concentrates have a low lactose level, and are hence suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals. Their overall nutrient content is also far greater than their carbohydrate and fat content. Whey isolates have minimal fat, as well as a thinner consistency and better taste than concentrates.

Anyone seeking a cost-effective Whey Protein NZ will find a Whey Protein Blend to be ideal. Pure Whey Protein may have no fat, lactose or carbs, and offer you highest protein serving with the least amount of calories. But whey isolate is also expensive and therefore unworkable for many. A Protein Blend is the reasonable alternative that fuses the advantages of both protein supplements.

Benefits of Whey Protein

  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • A boost in metabolic rate
  • Short recovery times and fast muscle repair
  • Effective in promoting significant body fat 
  • A positive effect on total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol

Studies suggest that Whey Protein may boost the body’s immunity. After intense aerobic activity, supplementing with Whey Protein can prevent glutathione levels from falling to very low levels, and avoid adverse impact on the immune, gastrointestinal and immune systems.

What to keep in mind when buying a Whey Protein Blend

Check the content of the product: are you getting a sufficiently large amount of protein per scoop or does it contain additives such as sodium, which may cause bloating? Also, if you cannot tolerate lactose, a blend or concentrate may not be for you.

Here are some instances where a Whey Protein Blend is an ideal option:

  • As an endurance exercise supplement as casein lasts up to seven hours in the bloodstream
  • Studies indicate that blends are better for mass gain and fat loss
  • New research suggests that blends may extend protein synthesis

If you want nothing short of the best Whey Protein NZ, consider testing a Whey Protein Blend, a Whey Protein isolate and casein protein as part of your pre-workout as well as post-workout regimen. Have a look at a vast range of all three types of protein supplements on our website. Some products are currently retailing at attractive discounts – make the most of them today and check out our daily deals!