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  • NEW VITALITY SWITCH RECIPE (new packaging):

    Revitalising Super Greens Powder

    Vitality Switch contains a complete blend of the world’s most effective superfoods.

    It contains zero artificial colours or cheap fillers, no barley grass or wheat grass, just 100% revitalising ingredients.

    • No added lactose
    • No added sugar
    • Vegan friendly
    • No added gluten
    • No added soy

    Vitality Switch is a whole food formula that combines nature’s healthiest herbs, probiotics, antioxidants, adaptogenic mushrooms, polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes - all you need to provide your body with a super dose of micro nutrition to support optimal vitality every day.

    • 1 Serve = 8 serves of vegetables in antioxidants (ORAC Value)
    • 1 Serve provides 33% of your RDI of bioactive vitaminsContains Cell Charge™ a concentrated micro-mineral blend
    • Enhance digestion & gut health
    • Low calorie and sugar free
    • Family friendly
    • Support general health
    • Support immune function
    • Boost mental cognition
    • Detox & alkalise
    • Optimise daily energy
    • Balance hormone levels
    • Lower inflammation
    • Keto-friendly
    • Vegan

    We have added a bio-active multivitamin blend to provide 33% of your RDI. We have also added Siberian Ginseng to enhance energy, reduce fatigue, improve gut health and support immunity.

    Vitality Switch Contains...

    • Bioactive Multivitamin and Mineral Blend
    • Super Greens Wholefood Blend
    • Organic Medicinal Mushroom Blend
    • Adaptogen & Immune Blend
    • Clinically Proven Probiotic Blend
    • Digestive Enzyme Blend
    • Liver Detox & Health Blend
    • Naturally Fermented L-Glutamine for Gut Health & Immunity

    EXISTING VITALITY SWITCH RECIPE (being discontinued):

    Vitality Switch™ is an ALL IN ONE Revitalising Super Greens Wholefood Powder. The 33 ingredients have been hand-selected to provide you with some of the planet’s healthiest nutrients. It contains 5 amazing blends to optimise your body's systems.

    NOTE: Vitality Switch™ is not Vegan (except Strawberry Kiwi) as it contains Sustainable Wild Caught Marine Collagen. 

    SUPER GREENS WHOLE FOOD BLEND: Our blend of organic, spray free and sustainably farmed greens will help to support your nutrient requirements and diversity. This blend will supply you with concentrated botanicals yielding high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

    ORGANIC MUSHROOM BLEND: Our blend of MUSHROOMS has been added to help support the vital systems of your body. Many of the ORGANIC mushrooms in this blend have been used for centuries. Science is now catching up and showing how they may improve your results.

    DIGESTIVE ENZYME BLEND: A lot of people do their best to eat healthy, but their digestive system may not be breaking down and absorbing the nutrients found in their food efficiently. We have specifically added a super digestive enzyme blend to help you get the nutrients from your food to support your goals. 

    GUT BLEND: Our gut blend is designed to help nourish a healthy microbiome. We have added in Wild Caught Sustainable Marine Collagen (except Strawberry Kiwi) and a carefully selected 3 strain heat stable probiotic blend to help you fight the baddies in your belly.

    CLEANSE AND HEALTH SUPPORT BLEND: Our entire formula will work together to support your health and performance. We have added Cell Charge™ a super antioxidant rich source of polyphenolic compounds, humic and fulvic minerals plus amino acids. In addition, we have added Oregano, Coriander, Ginger, Astragalus and so much more.  

    Vitality Switch™ is designed by nature and combined in our amazing great tasting formula to help provide you with what you may be missing from your day to day routine.

    • 100% OPEN LABEL

    The above information is merely a guide and is NOT a recommendation or a treatment protocol for any health conditions or diseases. You should always consult with a qualified health care provider before changing your supplement, training, or nutritional strategy. Supplementation should not be attempted by pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone on prescription medication or children under the age of 15 unless advised by your qualified health care provider.

    Recipe: Chocolate Vitality Bircher Smoothie
    • Nutrition Information
    • Nutrition Information
    • The Nutritional Information stated above should be used as a guide only. Actual values may change from time to time if the manufacturers update their formulation. Values will also vary depending on flavours and sizes.

      Please click here to contact us if you have any questions regarding this product's ingredients.

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