Best Protein Bars 2017

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Best Protein Bars 2017

It can be hard to know what the best protein bars are to buy - there are so many available! We've compiled a list of the best protein bars for 2017.

Protein bars are a convenient high protein snack to have post workout, or to keep you going between meals. Your body needs protein to build and repair muscle between workouts. Getting adequate protein is especially important with high intensity training, or on a reduced calorie intake. Failure to get enough protein can lead to strength and/or muscle loss, and poor recovery or performance.

It can be challenging to ensure we are meeting our daily protein requirements, there's only so much chicken you can eat in one day! Protein bars a convenient option to help top up your protein levels throughout the day. They're also hand to keep in your bag in case hunger strikes when you're out and about and you have no healthy options available.

Best Protein Bars 2017

#1 Balance Ultra Ripped Protein BarsBalance Ultra Ripped Protein Bar

Balance Ultra Ripped Bar is a delicious low carbohydrate bar designed to support individuals looking to achieve a lean figure. These protein bars provide over 20g protein per bar from whey and soy protein. The high level of protein supports lean muscle growth and repair. Balance has included Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine and Choline to support fat metabolism.

#2 Horleys Carbless Crunch BarsHorleys Carb Less Crunch Bars

As the title suggests, Horleys Carbless Crunch are a crunch version of the Horleys original “nougat-style” Carb Less bars. Most of the protein bars on the market are the nougat style bar, so a crunchy crisp bar is a nice alternative. Horleys Carbless Crunch bars are almost the healthier version of an LCM bar. Each bar contains 17g protein with just over 6g of carbs and 4g of sugar. They are a great snack for individuals watching their carbohydrate intake.

#3 Quest Nutrition Protein BarsQuest Nutrition Protein Bars

Quest bars contain 20g protein per serve and are made without added sugar. Quest Bars are different in that they have a higher degree of bioavailable protein. They are also high in fibre with 17g Dietary Fibre per bar. The sweetness of Quest bars comes from isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO), a prebiotic dietary fibre. Quest bars are very low sugar but have higher carbohydrate content due to the high amount of fiber. Quest bars come in probably the largest range of flavours so there is usually a flavour for everyone. These bars are perfect post-workout or between meals to meet your daily protein requirements.

#4 Musclepharm Combat Crunch Protein BarsMusclepharm Combat Crunch Bars

Combat Crunch bars are not as crunchy as Horleys Carbless Crunch bars but they still have a firm texture to them. We’re not entirely sure why they’re called combat crunch when it’s more like eating a soft baked cookie. Each bar contains 20g protein from whey protein isolate and 12g fiber. The bars are low in active carbs and low in sugar (only 1 gram of sugar alcohol per serving). This balance of protein and carbohydrates is perfect for building muscle and providing energy. Combat crunch bars are gluten free and come in a wide range of flavours.

#5 Nothing Naughty Protein BarsNothing Naughty Protein Bars

Nothing Naughty bars are the perfect healthier snack option to keep you going between meals or after the gym. Each bar contains 16g protein with only 9g carbohydrates and 6g sugars. They’re lightly coated in chocolate and have 7 amazing flavours with pineapple and raspberry being among the favourites. The bars are a smaller size – only 40g compared to the average size bar which is usually 50-60g. But their price does reflect the smaller size so it’s not a big issue.

#6 Balance Muscle2go Protein BarsBalance Muscle 2 Go Bars

Muscle 2 go bars aka the king of protein bars. Each protein bar weighs a whopping 90g and provides 32g of protein to support muscle growth and recovery. Each bar is 313cal so these bars are usually enjoyed by the ‘hard gainers’ or individuals looking to increase or maintain muscle mass. If you’re looking for a low calorie snack, these are not for you! Surprisingly, Muscle 2 go bars are very low carb with only 3.6g per bar. Balance have also added 1g Glutamine and 1g Creatine per bar for added energy and muscle maintenance, but it’s hard to say whether 1g of each is going to be very beneficial. The clinically studied dose of creatine and glutamine is 5g.

#7 Fitmiss Delight Protein BarsFitmiss delight protein bars

Designed specifically for busy, active women, Fitmiss Delight bars are high in protein and fibre. This low calorie protein bar (170 cal) has 15g protein from whey protein and milk protein. These bars are gluten free, soy free and non GMO. At first glance of the nutritional panel these bars look high in carbohydrates, but in fact over half of the carbohydrate content is fibre. Fitmiss Delight bars are also sucralose free and contain no artificial flavours. The balance of protein and fibre helps to keep you fuller for longer.

#8 Pro Supps My BarPro Supps My Bar

Pro Supps market the My Bar as being able to have your cake and eat it to. They’re not far wrong - My Bars taste incredibly good for a protein bar. Each bar provides 20g protein from whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. My Bars are gluten free and soy free, and contain no hydrogenated oils or trans fats. The bars do have a higher total fat content than average, at 10g total fat per bar. The bars are multi-layered to give a great combination of flavour with every bite. There are four great flavours including Ice Cream Cookie Crunch and Salted Caramel Peanut Crunch. My Bars are available in a convenient 6 pack if you’re not quite ready to commit to the 12 pack.

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