BSN Pumped Edge Review

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BSN Pumped Edge Review
BSN Pumped Edge is part of BSN’s new Edge series which has a fresh new look and fresh new feel. Pumped Edge is a non-stimulant pump booster which can be used alone before training or stacked with a pre-workout such as BSN NO Xplode EDGE.

BSN’s existing pump booster BSN Nitrix capsules is very popular for increasing nitric oxide levels and increasing muscle pumps. BSN Pumped Edge fills the gap in the BSN range of a powdered pump pre-workout and also includes a more transparent label.


Pumped Edge is made up of 3 complexes.

    • Glycero Pump Complex – Velox Citrulline & Arginine Matrix (3g), GlycerOsorb Calcium Glycerophosphate and Glycerol Monostearate Matrix (465mg), Magnesium Glycerophosphate (250mg), Pomegranate Extract (100mg), Hawthorn Extract (100mg), AstraGin Panax Notoginseng and Astragalus (25mg), Trans-Resveratrol (15mg), Black Pepper Extract (5mg)

    • Muscle Support Matrix (3.1g) – Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Anhydrous and Creatine HCL

    • Efforsorb Endura Composite (2.3g) – Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate and Malic Acid.

Glycero Pump Complex

A patented blend of 1:1 Citrulline and Arginine is included at 3g. This means we can assume there is 1.5g Citrulline and 1.5g Arginine in each serve. While both amino acids boost nitric oxide levels they are absorbed differently. Citrulline is absorbed straight into the bloodstream whereas Arginine is absorbed through the small intestine and the liver first. So why haven’t BSN just included a bigger dose of Citrulline?

Studies have shown that using both of these amino acids together boost nitric oxide more than Citrulline or Argininie only. A Japanese study showed that supplementation of 1g Arginine and 1g Citrulline increased plasma l-arginine levels more than 2g Citrulline or 2g Arginine. The research suggests that Citrulline helps improve the bioavailability of Arginine due to its inhibiting (blocking) of arginase. Arginaise metabolises Arginine into urea and l-ornithine leaving less Arginine to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Citrulline also leads to a more sustained increase in NO levels.

Muscle Support Matrix

Each serve contains 3.1g Creatine from 3 different creatine sources. Unfortunately due to the Muscle Support Matrix being a proprietary blend this could be a mixture of any ratio. Creatine Monohydrate is the most researched and has shown the best results so if you’re looking for a creatine source this may not be it. However if you’re not fussed on the creatine or are looking for a low creatine stimulant free workout then this could be a plus for you!

Other ingredients including GlycerOsorb and Astragin are included to increase the bioavailability and absorbption of the product.

The proprietary Effosrb Endura Blend is including in many BSN products and enhances bioavailability and delays the onset of lactic acid which leads to fatigue.

Taste and mixability

As always, this BSN product mixes completely and very easily. Remember to read the label – stir do not shake. If you do shake this do so with caution lest your shaker explodes in your face. A couple of shakes followed by popping the lid of the shaker as quickly as possible usually does the trick.

We tried lemon and lime flavor and boy is it sour! It’s a refreshing zing from all of the super sweet supplement mixes but obviously user taste preferences will differ. Pumped Edge is also available in Fruit Punch and Green Apple. We imagine these will be sweeter and more similar to BSN Amino X flavours.

Price and versatility

Price-wise, Pumped Edge sits around the same price as other 30 serve pre-workouts. As it is caffeine and stimulant free it is able to be stacked with pre-workouts or taken any time of the day. The Citrulline still gave some of us a little buzz and helped us get through our workout.

BSN Pumped Edge is perfect to stack with BSN No Xplode Edge preworkout as No Xplode Edge does not contain creatine. Pairing these two together will ensure an energy packed workout with increased muscle pumps, strength and performance to push your limits to the edge. Alternatively for a more recovery focused option, Pumped Edge could be stacked with Amino X or Amino X Edge. It’s a very versatile pump booster.


Overall, this addition rounds out the Edge series nicely and provides many options for enhancing your workout with different supplement stacks, or as a standalone stimulant free supplement for training anytime of the day.

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