Choosing The Best Mass Gainer

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Choosing The Best Mass Gainer
Finding the best mass gainer can be an interesting challenge. You know that it should have a tonne of calories to help you gain weight but what else? Check out our best mass gainer list for our recommendations, and tips on how to choose a high quality mass gainer.

For anyone who is trying to lose weight or get leaner, the idea of not being able to gain weight seems absurd. There are a couple of reasons why people can find it hard to maintain or gain weight and muscle mass.

  • High level of physical activity or daily routine that doesn’t allow for the required amount of meals to reach the necessary amount of calories you need.

  • Or having a body type of a Ectomorph or “hard gainer” which is someone that is has a fast metabolism so needs to consume even more calories to gain.

Using a mass gainer can help you achieve your daily calorie intake to put on weight and build muscle. But how do you choose the best mass gainer? There are so many to choose from!

Look for a mass gainer that contains quality protein such as whey or casein. It should also contain a good ratio between protein and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important especially post workout to restore glycogen levels, repair muscle damage, and restore energy.

Other things to look for are the amount of calories per serve – you will ultimately need to identify how many calories you are currently eating, and how many you need to maintain or gain weight and muscle. Generally to build muscle mass with minimal fat you should aim for a calorie surplus of 500 calories per day.

Check out our recommendations for best mass gainers to save yourself the time of having to research them all yourself!

Optimum Serious Mass


  • 1,250 calories per serving mixed with water

  • Over 250 grams of carbohydrates

  • 5:1 Carbs to Protein ratio

  • 25 Vitamins & Minerals

  • Creatine (1g), Glutamine (500mg) & MCTs.

  • Great value 12lb approximately $2.47/serve

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is the ultimate weight gain formula.

With 1,250 calories per serving and 50 grams of protein for muscle recovery, this instantized powder makes a sizable post-workout and between meals shake.

Optimum Serious Mass uses a protein blend containing Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Egg Albumin and Sweet Dairy Whey. They’ve also included a complete vitamin and mineral profile to ensure you are receiving the balanced nutrition you need for optimum health and performance.
Serious Mass gives you the calories you need to pack on the weight and - when coupled with serious weight training - develop your physique to the fullest.

Mutant Mass


  • 1050 Lean Calories per Serving, 525 Calories per 1/2 serve.

  • 18 Grams of fat, featuring LipoTherm

  • MCT Oil, the fat burning fat.

  • 52,000mg of Amino Acids.

  • High Fiber, Low Sugar

  • 3-to-1 Carb-to-Protein Ratio.

  • Massive 15lb (6.8kg) Resealable bag – great value for money

Mutant Mass boasts that you can add up to 5lbs (2.2kg) of muscle in the next 14 days by just adding 1 serving of Mutant Mass to your daily routine. Mutant can say this because Mutant Mass was developed with over 2 years of research, based on science, and tested in the gym.

This mass gainer contains 10 superior proteins to deliver amino acids to increase muscle mass and nutrient absorption. The trademarked blend is designed to push more usable protein into your muscles and give them a continuous flow of peptide amino acids from protein. When combined with the carbohydrates and lipothermic fats in Mutant mass, the protein is directed to its primary goal – building pure muscle.

Lipotherm is the fats blend in Mutant Mass. It contains a superior quality blend of the top fats athletes use to increase size, power, and strength, without adding fat to their waist lines. Lipotherm contains MCT Oil and CLA - these healthy fats help decrease fat while increasing muscle mass. It also includes Flax & Borage oil for essential fatty acids that our bodies can’t produce. These are used to improve joint health and muscle mass but are also important for joint mobility and hearth health.

MusclePharm Combat XL

Features:musclepharm combat xl

  • 25 grams of protein per 2 scoops

  • 126 grams of Carbohydrates per 2 scoops

  • 5:1 carbs to protein

  • Chia seeds, flax and MCTs

  • Added digestive enzymes

Musclepharm Combat XL Mass gainer is an all-in-one mass gainer made from a blend of high quality proteins: Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Micellar Casein and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate. It is designed to support superior strength and size as well as increased muscle recovery.

Combat XL is made with functional, dense calories and essential nutrients that support an anabolic (muscle-building) environment. It includes complex carbohydrates from sweet potato, quinoa, and brown rice as well as fatty acids from Chia seeds, flax and MCTs.

If you’re after more calories you can take 4 scoops per serve which would give you 1270 calories per serve with 50g protein and 252g carbohydrates which is similar to Optimum Serious Mass.

Muscletech Mass Tech

Features:Muscletech Mass Tech

  • 63g Protein

  • 1000 Calories when mixed with water

  • 168g Carbohydrates

  • 10g Creatine monohydrate

  • Added Amino Acids

  • Added digestive enzymes

Muscletech mass-tech is an advanced muscle mass gainer designed for any person that’s having a hard time adding size, bulking up, or breaking through strength plateaus.

Mass-Tech delivers 63g of protein per serving. The multi-phase protein blend of Whey Protein, Calcium Caseinate, Egg Albumin, Whey Protein Isolate, and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate provides slow, medium, and quick -digesting proteins for continuous release of amino acids to your muscles.

Mass tech uses a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates for similar multi-phase digestion of carbohydrates.

The mass gainer contains less saturated fat than other weight gainers and is formulated with 5 grams of omega-rich fats for energy-dense calories.

Optimum Gold Standard Gainer

Features:Optimum Gold Standard Gainer

  • 55 Grams of Protein

  • 760 Calories

  • 2:1 Ratio of Carbohydrates to Proteins

  • 110 Grams of Carbs

  • 11 Grams of Healthy Fats

  • Easy Mixability

Optimum Gold Standard Gainer is made from high quality dairy proteins which are mostly from isolate sources. Each 2 scoop serve contains 760 Calories with 55 Grams Of Protein, And The Perfect 2:1 balance of carbohydrates to protein.

The carbohydrate blend contains quality carbohydrates from Oat, Pea, and Potato. Gold Standard Gainer also includes 11g of healthy fats from Flaxseed, Chia seeds, and MCTs.

Optimum has formulated this mass gainer for optimal mixability so no blender is required.

While this mass gainer will cost more per serve if you’re looking for a premium mass gainer from carefully selected ingredients then this is it.

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