Five Small Diet Changes for Weight Loss

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Five Small Diet Changes for Weight Loss
Losing weight doesn’t have to involve a complete diet overhaul. In fact, the best way to lose weight and keep it off in the long term is to make small, healthy changes to your diet.

While crash diets may help you with quick weight loss, their effects never last long – setting you off on a rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting. Make some of the small healthy diet changes we’ve listed below to produce long-term weight loss results!

Cut out the “little extras”

On average, a glass of fruit juice contains approximately 50 calories, a teaspoon of butter or oil contains 35, and a teaspoon of sugar contains 20. Removing the sugar from your tea or coffee, swapping juice for water, not putting butter on bread or removing oil from your cooking could save you more than 100 calories a day – without affecting how full you feel.

Choose a more filling option

Did you know that an orange is more filling than a large glass of juice, and contains around the same amount of calories? Likewise a bunch of grapes is a better option than a few handfuls of raisins; due to their water content, you’ll feel fuller after having consumed far less calories than what’s contained in their dried, sugary counterparts. When choosing a snack, remember that foods with a high fibre or water content will help you feel more full – reducing your impulse to snack again later!

Reduce your portion size

Often the problem is not what we’re eating, but how much we eat! Many dieters pay attention to the quality of what they’re eating, but forget about the importance of quantity. Even if you’re eating healthy foods high in nutrients, your body shape will still respond to the calorie value you’re putting in – so take it easy on high energy foods.

Low fat swaps

Reducing calories doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of flavour. Just a few simple food swaps could make a real difference to your calorie intake – and your waistline!

A few examples include swapping whole milk for non-fat, cheddar cheese for ricotta, whole fat yoghurt for trim, and Caesar dressing for balsamic.

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Read the nutritional information

It’s not uncommon for people to load up on foods because they’re advertised as “healthy” – not realising they’re loaded with calories. While they contain good nutrients for the body, foods like Avocado, eggs, regular yoghurt, nuts and dried fruit should be consumed in moderation due to their high calorie content. Also make sure you read the nutritional information on products advertising themselves as “low fat” or healthy – they may still contain high sugar levels.

Protein shakes are another good way to ensure your body is getting a healthy, calorie-controlled meal replacement. You may also find that taking a Chromium supplement will help to control your sugar cravings. Browse through the rest of our products to find supplements that will help you make healthy changes to your diet!

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