How to fix your hard Pre Workout

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How to fix your hard Pre Workout

Pre workout powder turning hard is a common problem, but it isn’t always a bad thing. Most pre workout supplements in powder form contain hygroscopic ingredients. This means that the ingredients in the pre workout attract and hold water molecules at normal or room temperature.

How to prevent pre workout hardening

Keep the silica gel packet buried in your pre workout container.

For some people it has become habit to open a new product and chuck the silica gel packet out straight away, this little guy is very important! The gel silica packet is what prevents your precious powder from attracting moisture, which causes it to go hard.

It’s important to not throw it away and make sure it is always buried in the pre workout, not sitting on top.

Regularly stir or shake the powder in the container

Another reason pre workouts can go hard is because they are not used as frequently as protein powders or other supplements.

Protein powders and other supplements are used multiple times a day and on both training and non-training days, the continual scooping keeps the powder from hardening up. 

Pre workout powders are usually only used once a day on training days. As a result pre workouts are often left sitting for periods of time and are more likely to absorb moisture and turn hard.

Regularly stirring or shaking the powder and container will help reduce the moisture absorbed by the powder and keep it loose and free flowing.

How to fix your hardened pre workout

Hardened pre workout is still safe and effective to use but it can become challenging to scoop out and get the correct dose (plus, no one wants to swallow a hard pre workout pebble that hasn't broken down in their water bottle.) Use these simple tips to turn the pre workout back into a powder.

Put the pre workout powder into a blender

Place the hardened pre workout powder into a dry blender, and blend until its back to powder form. This will only require a couple of seconds to do. Once the pre workout is back to powder form you can return it to the container.

Break up the pre workout with a knife

If you don’t have a blender you can use a knife to break up the powder. This won’t completely break up the powder but will enable you to scoop enough out for an accurate dosage.

Shake or squeeze the container

Shaking and squeezing the pre workout container can help the powder break up if it has not become completely hard yet. 

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