Introduction to Soy Protein

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Introduction to Soy Protein

What Is Soy?

Soy is a type of bean that is grown throughout the world and commonly consumed as a food. Often, soy is used as a staple of vegetarian diets because it is very rich in protein for a plant-based food.

What Is a Soy Protein Supplement?

A soy protein supplement contains protein that has been concentrated or isolated from soy plant material. Most often, soy protein products come in powdered form and can be dissolved in water to create nutritious, delicious drinks.

What Are the Benefits of Soy Protein Supplements?

Soy protein supplements are used to naturally increase the body's supply of protein. Protein is a nutrient that is required to help the body produce new muscles cells and maintain the health and strength of muscle fibers when they become strained during exercise. Those who regularly use protein supplements may be better able to gain bulk, burn fat and avoid injury and fatigue due to workouts.

Who Can Benefit From Soy Protein?

Most protein supplements on the market today are made from animal products like whey and casein derived from cow's milk and eggs. Soy protein offers an alternative for vegans and still provides a complete assortment of essential amino acids to provide benefits for the muscles. You may also prefer to use a soy protein product if you are lactose intolerant and unable to use whey or casein as a result. Individuals sometimes opt for soy supplements due to their cardiovascular benefits, as soy has been shown to help reduce bad cholesterol levels in a number of studies.

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