Maintain Health and Performance with ATP MULTI FOOD

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Maintain Health and Performance with ATP MULTI FOOD

Why include Multi Food in your diet? Well, it contains natural vitamins and minerals, which can prevent serious nutrient deficiencies. As a result of modern farming techniques, your body is not receiving the balanced nutrition that it requires. Multi Food manages all your vitamin and mineral requirements, naturally. It is a natural blend of powerful vitamin and mineral micronutrients sourced from 100% natural food ingredients.

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Unlike most other vitamin supplements which are synthesised in genetically modified bacteria, Multi Food consists of vitamins and minerals from natural sources.



Benefits of including Multi Food in your daily diet

  • Multi Food eliminates stress
  • Multi Food increases energy
  • Multi Food supports the nervous and immune systems
  • Multi Food enhances the health of blood vessels
  • Multi Food provides essential nutrients to the body

Why Multi Food should be a part of your daily diet

In today’s world, our staple food is high in sugar and carbohydrates and low in protein, vitamins and minerals. This state of affairs deteriorates health and increases various disorders. The deficiency of vitamins and minerals, in particular, can lead to serious malfunctions in the body. Low energy and increased stress are common symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

To prevent these symptoms, you may have been considering consuming vitamin and mineral supplements. What most people don’t know is that such supplements are produced using genetically modified bacteria. Multi Food, by contrast, gets its vitamins and minerals from purely natural sources. This eliminates side-effects and adverse reactions.

Understanding nutrient deficiencies and how Multi Food prevents them

Nutrient deficiencies can affect your health in many ways. Did you know that these deficiencies can cause your body to reject effective treatments? Vitamins and minerals are part of many important, natural pathways in the body. A deficiency in these vitamins and minerals can cause roadblocks in those pathways, which, in turn, can block various medications from working the way they should.

Multi Food contains vitamin and mineral cofactors, which are necessary for the normal functioning of all the systems in your body. Multi Food contains a good mix of these cofactors and the phytonutrients, polyphenols and other plant-based nutrients that are generally missing from your food and other supplements.

A number of production, activity, conversion and detoxification functions in the body require vitamin and mineral cofactors. Here’s a short list of such cofactor-dependent functions:

  • Energy production cycle in cells (the Kreb cycle)
  • Function and production of hormones
  • Production of neurotransmitters
  • Functioning immune responders
  • Performance of digestive and systemic enzymes

Deficiency of vitamin and mineral cofactors can disturb the above functions. This means that your energy levels could go low, your hormone levels could go haywire, and your immune system could underperform if you don’t consume balanced vitamins and minerals. Multi Food makes all of the above problems disappear by managing your vitamins and mineral requirements. So directly order ATP Mulit Food here at Sportsfuel and feel the difference soon!

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