What Is F45 Training?

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What Is F45 Training?
You’ve seen the logo popping up everywhere on your Instagram newsfeed. F45 Training. Everyone’s trying it. But what is F45 Training? And why is it so damn popular? We decided we needed to get to the bottom of this and see if it’s something we need to try.

Let’s start with the basics. The F stands for functional and the 45 is the total time a class takes (45 minutes).

F45 Training combines the existing fitness trends of group training and functional fitness. Wait, this sounds like Crossfit, right? Not quite. Instead of industrial “boxes” F45 classes are held in boutique studio environments.

F45 Training Battle Ropes

No program is ever repeated at F45 Training which makes every workout a unique experience. This idea is similar to Crossfit in that training is constantly varied, however Crossfit repeats benchmark workouts where as F45 does not. This style of training is vastly different to traditional bodybuilding and powerlifting routines where workouts are repeated with increasing weights throughout a cycle.

The workouts are always 45 minute duration to provide a timing structure to maximize the members’ growth and progress. The daily workout may change the number of exercise stations, the work/rest ratio and/or the number of repetitions through the “Exercise Circuit” each day. F45 Training official website says “This provides a challenging workout for our clientele that is always evolving and never the same.”

We don’t really understand the methodology (yet) but it must be working. F45 is the fastest growing network of fitness studios in Australia and across the globe. There are currently over five hundred F45 studios in Australia and the training network has also launched in New Zealand, India, the US and the UK. New Zealand currently has 21 fitness studios offering F45 training with another 19 set to open this year so far!

With almost every gym or training facility offering group training or some kind of functional fitness class, how is F45 different?

F45 Training Features:

  • Premium team training services

  • Boutique studio environment

  • No powerlifting or technical lifting

  • Highly systemised facilities

  • Integrated technology (Video workout demos)

F45 offers 10 customised training systems, 10 unique circuit movement patterns, 15 different timing modules, over 1,000 exercises, and workouts that change every day. The aim is that clients remain motivated and challenged, and hence achieve great results. The workout training systems are individually branded and patented, each having unique identities. Licensees of F45 studios receive all of these training systems, timing modules, video workouts and F45-branded DJ playlists.

While some group training models try to dispel the cult description, F45 proudly declare it to be a cult that has to be experienced to be believed. Along with the growing number of attendees, celebrities including Ricky Martin, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie and Hugh Jackman have jumped on the bandwagon.

F45 Training Kettlebells

Want to know more about F45 Training?

If you want to experience F45 Training at a studio near you, or if you’re interested in owning your own F45 Training studio head to https://f45training.co.nz/

We’re keen to know more about F45 Training so are going to arrange to try out our local F45 studio. We’ll report back soon!

We'd love to hear your F45 Training stories and experiences. Flick us a message on Facebook or Instagram!


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