Why More Athletes Are Choosing MusclePharm's Whey Protein

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Why More Athletes Are Choosing MusclePharm's Whey Protein
It’s no secret that MusclePharm’s whey protein products can give you a host of muscle building and recovery benefits. Here’s just a snapshot of what you can expect (taken from their 100% Whey product):
  • 5 Different Protein Sources - These protein sources work to enhance your muscle building environment, accelerate muscle growth and boost performance.
  • 25g Of Quality Protein - Protein engineered to provide massive muscle building power. Taken from various high quality sources such as: whey protein concentrates, hydrolysates and isolates, egg albumin and micellar casein.
  • 100% Gluten Free - Gluten sensitivity is a problem for many people. If you’re gluten sensitive, Musclepharm is the perfect protein source for your after workout nutrition.
  • Great Tasting And Easy To Mix - If you want to keep protein powder part of your diet long term, it should be pleasant to taste and easy to mix.

Now while all of these benefits are fantastic for strength and size gains. There’s one benefit in particular that gives MusclePharm products the edge:

MusclePharm products are all certified by globally recognised substance testing company, “Informed Choice.

Products appearing on the Informed Choice (or Informed Sport) product list have been tested for a range of banned supplements using highly sensitive techniques.
MusclePharm also pride themselves on producing safe, effective and rigorously tested sports and nutrition products. The purpose of each product being to enhance athletic performance and personal health without the use of banned substances.

The Importance Of Using Properly Tested Supplements

According to studies nearly 70% of Americans take dietary supplements. As the popularity of supplements continues to grow around the world, so does the concern for the integrity of their ingredients.

If you’re someone who measures your nutrition down to the gram, you want to be sure what's on the label is what's actually in the supplement. Because the fact is, unknowingly taking a supplement laced with a banned substance could cost you your job, or seriously affect your health.

You can claim ignorance if you test positive for a banned substance. But the consequences may end up the same whether you knowingly took something or not. Luckily this 175 year old company are making sure the supplements you’re using are safe and contain what they say.

Who Are Informed Choice And What Do They Do?

Originally known as The Laboratory of Government Chemists, Informed Choice was one of the first substance testing organisations. Dating all the way back to 1842 when it was formed to regulate the adulteration of tobacco in London.

The company hastily expanded to test for everything from the use of red lead to make cheddar cheese more orange, to various performance enhancing substances used on racehorses and racing dogs.

There are two steps in the nutritional substance manufacturing process when contamination can occur: When the raw materials are produced, and when the products are manufactured.

To counter these two threats, Informed Choice performs three kinds of testing:

  • Raw ingredient testing.
  • Finished product testing.
  • Manufacturing site certification.
Now over 175 years later Informed Choice continues to set the bar for supplement testing. Over the last 16 years in particular the company has become known as the world's largest organisation for testing supplements against contamination.

Browse Our Range Of Tested Whey Supplements

If you’re interested in getting your hands on MusclePharm Whey, or if you want to learn more about this product, feel free to check out MusclePharm and other great Protein brands in the Sportsfuel store.

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