Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch Pre Workout

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  • Our Stimulant pre workout designed for the stimulant freaks out there!!

    Axe & Sledge have formulated a series of patented ingredients to increase energy levels, heighten your mental focus with an incredible mind to muscle connection, increase blood flow/pump and add an extra edge to your workouts that will separate you from the rest! All of this without the CRASH!

    You will have sustained energy hours after your workout. This product allows you to get an insane workout  and continue your day/night without the dreaded crash.

    Ignition switch is one of the few pre-workouts that contains four patented ingredients:

    • Teacrine (Theacrine)
    • Infinergy (Dicaffine Malate) 
    • Carnosyn (Beta-Alaine)
    • Agmamax (Agmatine Sulfate)

    Ignition Switch was specifically designed to:

    • Boost Exercise performance
    • Enhance mental and physical energy levels
    • Heighten Focus
    • Promote Muscular Pumps
    • Improve the mind-to-muscle connection
    • Aid Recovery
    • Nutrition Information
    • The Nutritional Information stated above should be used as a guide only. Actual values may change from time to time if the manufacturers update their formulation. Values will also vary depending on flavours and sizes.

      Please click here to contact us if you have any questions regarding this product's ingredients.

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