Casein Protein: Everything you wanted to know

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Casein Protein: Everything you wanted to know
When you think of protein powder varieties, whey is likely the first one that comes to mind, as it's by far the most popular type among fitness enthusiasts, dieters, health conscious individuals and bodybuilders alike. But whey protein isn't the only highly beneficial protein supplement option on the market. Whey's dairy cousin casein also has a lot to offer anyone looking for a convenient, tasty protein supplement option.


What Is Casein Protein?

So, just what is this unsung hero in the world of protein supplements? Casein protein, like whey, is produced by coagulating cow's milk. After this process, about 20 percent of what remains is liquid whey, while the other 80 percent consists of thicker, curds known as casein. Like whey protein, casein has all of the essential amino acids; however, it has a different distribution of these essential building blocks of proteins. Casein is a much richer source of glutamine than whey, and it provides more calcium per serving than whey. It is also much slower to become absorbed by the body than its dairy counterpart.


Benefits of Casein Protein

Due to its amino acid profile, casein offers a number of key benefits, including: 

Protein Powder

Muscle Retention Support

Following a restrictive calorie diet is important for achieving fat burning goals, but unfortunately, your body isn't always good at discriminating when choosing what to burn. When you have a daily calorie deficit, your body will often burn some muscle and some fat, undermining your efforts at the gym. Studies have shown that adding a casein protein supplement to the diet can help decrease the amount of muscle loss due to low-calorie diets. Based on the study data, it seems that casein intake of 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight is needed to get these type of results.


Enhanced Fat Loss

By helping the body burn more fat instead of muscle, casein protein already supports fat loss better than some other protein options; however, its fat loss benefits are amplified by its high calcium content.  Calcium has been linked to fat loss in a number of studies, and many people who are trying to lose weight strive to get more calcium as a result.

Studies indicate that people who consume a normal amount of protein and get more calcium in their diet pass more fat through their fecal waste than those who do not get high levels of calcium in their diet with a normal protein intake. Surprisingly, the people who had high calcium intake and high protein intake do not pass as much fat in their stools as people who take in standard amounts of protein. In other words, you're better off to take the recommended dose of a high calcium protein supplement than to take larger doses of a supplement with less calcium in order to increase your calcium intake. This makes casein an ideal protein supplement to get the balance of high calcium without high protein.


Colon Support

A healthy colon is important for everyone, not just for bodybuilders. Your colon is responsible for eliminating waste from your body, and colon dysfunction can lead to many unpleasant digestive systems, including abdominal bloat that no one wants to have to deal with. Comparative studies have found that proteins from dairy products provide better colon support than meat-based proteins and soy protein.


Overnight Recovery Support

For bodybuilders and those looking to put on lean muscle mass, overnight recovery is of the utmost importance. It's while you sleep that your body does the hard work of repairing the strain put on your muscles during the day and developing new muscle cells to make you stronger in order to reduce the strain the next time that you work out. With its complete amino acid profile, casein protein is able to feed the essential building blocks needed to generate new muscle cells at optimal levels. In addition, casein protein's slow absorption rate further enhances recovery. If you have a serving of casein protein before you go to bed for the night, your body will slowly absorb it while you sleep. This means that you'll be supplying a continuous flow of amino acids that can be used for muscle building. Compared to whey that floods your system with nutrients all at once, casein protein provides the gradual stream of fuel that will best support recovery.


Immune System Support

Being rich in glutamine, casein protein provides the body with the amino acid that is essential for proper immune system function. Keeping your immune system supported will decrease your risk of becoming sick when you're exposed to germs, so you'll be less likely to miss workouts due to illness.

Grow with Protein

Who Shouldn't Use Casein Protein

No protein powder is the ideal solution for everyone looking for a protein supplement. If you're lactose intolerant, casein is liable to cause you gastric distress just as whey would. Also, vegans who do not consume dairy products should look elsewhere for their protein supplementation needs. The protein powder also isn't the best choice for quick replenishment after workouts. That's why many experts recommend using whey during the day and then taking one serving of casein at night to support overnight recovery.

Casein protein is available in a wide variety of flavors, and Sportsfuel has all of the best products that provide the dairy protein available at competitive prices. Shop our selection of casein protein now, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need help selecting the right one for you.

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