Introduction to Protein Powder

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Introduction to Protein Powder

What Is Protein Powder?

Protein powder is a powdery substance that is typically dissolved in water and enjoyed like a shake or smoothie. The powder is made by either concentrating the protein found in foods like whey, casein, eggs or soy by isolating protein from one of these foods. The powders come in many flavors and in varieties for special diets, such as vegan eating plans.

How Does Protein Powder Work?

A serving of protein powder provides the body with an extra dose of the nutrient protein. Protein is needed by the body every day and is broken down into key amino acids that are used to perform many reactions. In regards to exercise, protein is needed to help build muscle cells and to repair damage and strain done to the muscles following workouts.

What Are the Benefits of Protein Powder?

Protein powder offers numerous benefits for the body. Athletes and bodybuilders often require extra protein in their diets in order to maintain their muscles, and protein powder makes it easy to supplement one's diet and avoid deficiencies. Studies also indicate that regular use of protein powder supplements can lead to increases in muscle mass and assist with fat burning.

Who Can Benefit From Protein Powder?

If you exercise regularly, are in training for athletic competition or compete in a sport, protein powder could be an excellent addition to your diet. Protein powder can also be useful for individuals who are on high protein diets for weight loss or for other health concerns.

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