Find out Which Sport Supplements Are Right For You

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Find out Which Sport Supplements Are Right For You
Having trouble choosing a sports supplement to enhance your workout? Here we’ve put together a guide to our sports supplements based on your fitness goals. Read on to find out more about which supplements will help you achieve your desired results.

Energy and Endurance Supplements

Best for: Athletes looking to increase their performance, energy, endurance, and help their body to recover from high-intensity workouts.

Energy and endurance supplements are designed for use before, during or after strenuous workouts to keep athletes energised and well hydrated. Some products contain high levels of carbohydrates – these will provide the energy burst you need to top up your energy stores and delay fatigue. Other products containing salt, potassium and electrolytes can be used to prevent dehydration and enable faster recovery. Find out more about our energy and endurance supplements.

Muscle Gain Supplements

Best for: Athletes and bodybuilders looking to increase their muscle mass for the purpose of building strength and stamina, or for a stronger-looking physique.

While using weights and eating a high-protein diet is an important factor in gaining muscle mass, many athletes and body builders choose to enhance their efforts with the help of supplements, protein powders and energy bars. Whey protein, Creatine, Glutamine and Testosterone boosters are just a few of the supplements recommended for muscle gain. Take a look at our selection of products.

Muscle Definition Supplements

Best for: Those with a good level of strength and fitness looking to reduce water retention or body fat to develop a more sculpted aesthetic.

If you believe your lack of muscle definition is due to water retention – this can be caused by food allergies, alcohol consumption, a sluggish liver or excess salt intake – you may benefit from a diuretic. Diuretics help your body to shed excess water and can help you to have a more toned, defined appearance.

CLA is another very popular and effective supplement for aiding fat loss and muscle gain. By encouraging the metabolism of fat and protein, CLA helps your body to burn more calories, while improving your body’s utilisation of food. Carnitine, Chitosan and other fat burners are also popular options for anyone wanting to reduce body fat.

Weight Loss Supplements

Best for: People who are looking to increase their metabolisms or enhance their weight loss efforts.

Meal replacement shakes are a popular choice for those wanting to lose weight through a controlled diet. Or if you’re looking to enhance your existing diet and exercise regime, fat burners and fat metabolisers may assist in your weight loss efforts.

If you are having problems with diet control, you may also benefit from a supplement that will help you reduce your appetite or sugar cravings.

Remember that if you have any concerns or existing medical conditions, you should always ask your doctor for advice. Otherwise if you’re having trouble deciding which sport supplement is right for your particular needs, make sure you speak to a health professional, or contact the Sportsfuel team.

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