The Latest Fitness Tips

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The Latest Fitness Tips
Getting in shape is a struggle for some and a lifestyle choice for others and, whether it’s a way of life or a chore, everybody is looking for a shortcut! We’re sorry to say that there is no true ‘easy road’ to your goal weight, body or achieving the strength that you want, but we are finding out new tips and tricks all the time that can help you get the most from each workout and see results as fast as possible.

Throw out your running shoes

If you have seen the Vibram FiveFingers, the minimalistic looking running shoe with a cosy little place for each toe, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. While the weird design can be a bit off putting, they are on the right track by departing from the popular style of modern running shoes.

Running shoes are built to correct and support an improper technique where your heel strikes the ground first with each stride. If you’ve ever run barefoot you may have noticed that the front or middle of your foot tends to make contact first - and that’s the way it should be. You’ll find you have a more fluid stride and encounter less injury by switching to minimalist running shoes.

Use your smartphone to get fit

There are plenty of fantastic apps that you can get on your smartphone to aid in your fitness goals whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose fat. Applications like MyFitnessPal count your calories for you with ease and running apps like Ghost Race can give you the motivation you need to  push yourself to new limits. Smartphone apps are a great complement to a Tanita Body Composition Monitor for a high-tech overview of your performance and results.

Change up your routine

Sometimes you stop seeing results simply because your body gets used to your routine. If you’re noticing that progress is slowing down then maybe it’s time to change your workout. Increase the weights you use and switch to different exercises for each muscle group. You might want to consider a change in pre-workout supplements too. If you’re looking to build muscle then Inner Armour Creatine often yields fantastic results while Balance Physique for women can give you the energy to go harder for longer.

Stay on top of your game with the latest technology and a change in routine. Gain muscle and get in shape faster by switching things up to suit your evolving body. Achieving your goals is always challenging - we hope that some of our latest fitness tips can help!

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