Granite Abz & Ripped Shoulder Workout

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Granite Abz & Ripped Shoulder Workout

I’ve put a lot of time in the gym to try to create a physique that stands out and I’ve put in a lot of creative work to get to that point.

But I’ve learned along the way that there’s some tricks of the trade to really make your physique pop. In essence, you’re trying to create the visual of almost looking bigger than you actually are. It’s a case of making certain body parts pop to the level that people think you are bigger than your listed bodyweight.

In this regard, two things that stick out to me are big, defined shoulders and muscular abs. Now, I’m not a big person – I weigh in the low 170s for my photo shoots – but having shoulders that stand out have given off a bigger appearance, which is what I’m always after. I know I’m doing something right if someone is surprised by what I tell them when they ask my weight.
That means I’ve created impressive muscle density and thickness while being lean, creating a muscle separation that gives off the perception that you appear much bigger than you actually are.

Going back to shoulders and abs, those are two vitally important areas in this regard and something that sticks out to a lot of people when looking at anyone’s physique. To get my shoulders and abs on a high-quality level, I’ve used a lot of creative routines, including one I’m excited to share with you today.

It’s helped a great deal with density and separation, helping me achieve razor-cut abs and sliced shoulders, which gives off that “bigger than you actually might be” look. Believe me, that is definitely not a bad thing and if it happens, it’s a testament to the hard work you’ve put in at the gym.

Detail is everything, and more specifically an attention to detail when you’re working your shoulders and abs. Variety and keeping your training different and unique is also vital in making major changes and transformations to your body, and in this instance, your delts and abs.

To get to the level where your delts really pop, you’re going to have to go heavy but also have some killer volume attached to it. That means plenty of sets with low reps, and then plenty of burnout killers to get that blood flowing in your shoulders. To get those granite, thick abs – something I like to call “brick soup” – there are two moves I always rely on – ab wheels and weighted crunches. With the weighted crunches, the weight is placed behind your head, which not only makes the movement that much more difficult but also targets the abs to a greater degree than if the weight was in front of you.

The great thing is these two moves can be done anywhere and with two very inexpensive pieces of equipment.
Simple and effective – now get to work!

Shoulder and Ab Routine

A split of heavy weights & high volume together

1. Arnold Press: 5 x 3 reps (work up to a heavy 3 reps)

2. Weighted seated muscle-ups: 5 x 3 reps

3. Lying side laterals- 5x15 reps

High REP Delt Killers to finish
Lateral raises -100 reps with 20lbs & you’re not allowed to set the dumbbells down until all 100 reps are finished
Frontal raises - 100 reps 15lbs & you’re not allowed to set the dumbbells down until all 100 reps are finished
Rear delt flys - 100 reps 10lbs & you’re not allowed to set the dumbbells down until all 100 reps are finished

Ab wheels- 50-100 reps

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