An Interview with Fitness Athlete Jess Coate

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An Interview with Fitness Athlete Jess Coate
Meet Jess Coate, a fitness athlete, an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Pro, Online Trainer and a Professional Bodybuilder. This girl is more than a pretty face, she is strong and won a lot of titles not only in New Zealand but worldwide.

Let's take  a look as we asked her about her bodybuilding journey!

1. How did you get started in your sport?

Include sporting background, achievements.  Was there a pivotal moment when you decided, ‘this is what I want to do with my life’? I grew up playing netball, softball and touch rugby. My goal and dream was to be a Professional Netball player (Silver Fern). I was a Wellington Regional as well as Wellington Maori Age group Netball Representative U15s up to U21s for netball and softball U11s-U17s.  I also was selected in the NZ University Netball Team.

After 2 knee and 2 ankle injuries I decided to give up playing the sports I loved and took up Bodybuilding. Not once did I think I wanted to pursue this as a career or lifestyle it was more a challenge set for myself whilst rehabbing my knee injury. I won a few competitions and I fell in love with the sport which has now opened a lot of doors for me.

2. What is your favorite workout right now?

An example or a workout that you really enjoy, and why.
I love training Glutes-because every girl wants a nice round tight booty!I love lifting heavy and challenging myself in my workouts.

My glute day generally consists of:

• Squats
• Straight leg deadlifts
• Romanian split squats/ lunges
• Glute Thrusters
• Reverse Hack Squats and a few smaller isolation exercises.

For growth mind-muscle connection with the glute muscles needs to be strong to see improvements.

3. How many hours do you train in a typical week?

If possible provide a breakdown, x hours weights, x hours cardio, etc.
7-14 hours a week. This will depend if I am on/ off-season, what my current body fat levels are, when I am competing next etc.
I always weight train 5-6 days a weeks and cardio depends on the above generally off-season cardio 0-20/ 30 minutes 4 times a week and competing seasons 30-90 minutes 6 days a week.

4. What is your favourite food right now?

A quick favourite recipe or go to meal.  Well I love cake, but what female doesn’t! But I do love to eat clean and feel good so at the moment it is Egg white omelets! It is so fast and easy to make. I spray a non-stick pan with a small amount of oil chop up onion, tomato, mushrooms, eggplant until mostly cooked and then add pumpkin or kumara and 200 ml of egg whites on top to make an omelet. Literally takes a couple of minutes and it is very satisfying and filling.

5. What do you eat on a typical day?

List the meals and foods you eat on a typical training day.


PROATS! Love my oats cooked with Banana Combat Powder by Muscle Pharm. I add some raw almonds and light peaches on top.

Snack 1:

Egg white omelet with pumpkin or crackers on the side (corn thins).


Muscle fuel (pre-cooked easy meals) they only take 3 minutes to heat and eat they usually consist of chicken/fish/beef with green vegetables and pumpkin or kumara. I add good fats such as avocado or almonds to my lunch and my own low calorie sauce.

Snack 2:

Muscle Pharm Combat Protein shake with a piece of fruit


Lean Meat, vegetable/ salad and depending on on/ off-season some kind of carbohydrates. I normally choose pumpkin or kumara as they are delicious and filling.


I make a yummy Muscle Pharm dish either protein ice cream or protein custard very easy to make and low calories also.

6. If you could give someone only one piece of advice, what would it be?

A piece of advice to help someone get through a tough workout, train when they don’t feel like it or stick to a diet plan.


I have days like everyone where I want to give up because it’s too hard or I’m too tired etc. At the end of the day you started on your journey for a reason, giving up is the easiest option at time BUT the satisfaction of achieving something you set your mind too is totally worth it. If you fall off the wagon it's ok just get back on.

I live by the saying "DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE" anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

7. What supplements do you use?

What are you currently taking? What are you looking forward to trying? Have you got a secret supplement recipe you can share?

    • I use Muscle Pharm Combat powder which I absolutely love.
    • Muscle Pharm BCAA 3.1.2
    • Muscle Pharm Glutamine
    • Muscle Pharms CLA
    • Muscle Pharm Creatine
    • Muscle Pharm L-Carnitine

I make lots of different sweet treats with the combat powder the main one being protein custard. Measure 300 ml of water and add 1 scoop of combat powder and shake it up like a protein shake. Measure 10 g of custard powder into a pot and add enough of the protein shake to dissolve all the powder like you would normally making custard. Once dissolved put the pan on the heated stove and add the rest of the shake. Stir the mix until thick and just begins to bubble! Be careful not to burn the custard!  I can’t wait for the new Strawberry cheesecake Combat powder to hit NZ Stores.

8. What are your goals for the future?

Goals in training, life and competition. My future Bodybuilding Goal is to make it to the Figure Olympia Stage, this will require a lot of hard work and dedication and would be a dream come true but I know I can achieve this.

My goals in life are just to be happy, follow my dreams, inspire others to follow their dreams and continue to build my name and my brand worldwide. Life is short you should do what makes you happy! I love health fitness and bodybuilding.

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