Everyday House Items Workout! - Sportsfuel Home Workout Series

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Everyday House Items Workout! - Sportsfuel Home Workout Series

Keep your gym blues at bay with this easy workout, using gear you'll find at home!

With all of the gyms in lockdown, and Instagram booming with influencers rubbing their flash home gyms in our faces, times are tough! 

If you don't have an aesthetic empty four car garage filled with shiny new gym equipment at your house, or an endless drawer of resistance bands, then like most people, you need to get creative. 

Sportsfuel have you covered over this period, with a new series of home workouts to give you inspiration regardless of fitness level, space or equipment. 

This weeks workout uses the simplest things like your couch, chilly bin and some of the stuff you may have forgotten about (or are ignoring) in this lockdown, like the broom and buckets of paint.

Check it out below!

Sportsfuel home workout guide

Bet you've never used your broom like that before! If you've got that one sussed, move on to the next challenge. You've got the time, use it now to get creative and perfect your technique!

Sportsfuel home workout guide

Sweet work, this finisher will have you feeling accomplished!

Sportsfuel at home workout

Keep an eye on Sportsfuel's social channels for more inspiration on how to keep the heart rate and moral up over the coming weeks! 

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