Healthy Food Delivery Services in NZ!

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Healthy Food Delivery Services in NZ!

Meal delivery services to boost your healthy lifestyle

Everybody wants to be healthy, eat nutritious food, workout often and maintain ultra organised in their work/personal lives while doing it. In reality, very few people can have it all without a little help!

Meal delivery services have taken off in the last few years to assist busy people that are low on time and struggle to execute healthy lunches and dinners. They are super handy for parents, young professionals or anyone that feels like they don't have the capacity or the skills to whip up meals that will satisfy their tastes or align with their health and fitness goals.

Many of these services are different than we think too, not only catering for body builders who people assume live off chicken breast, rice and broccoli. They all offer a colourful array of cuisines from pasta, to curry and traditional roasts. A lot of the meals are customisable to fit your personal daily macros or there are general categories to chose from such as 'gaining muscle' or 'losing weight'. 

While we can't test every single meal or service to determine who's the most tasty, or has the quickest delivery (very important), we have provided a list of healthy meal delivery services below and compiled information so that you can save some research time and get a feel for which one might be better suited to you. 

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh logo

Hello Fresh is a subscription based meal service that sends boxes of fresh ingredients to your door with a set of directions for you to prepare the meals yourself. All the ingredients are pre-portioned so all thats left for you to do is the cooking and assembly at home. They pride themselves on using fresh and seasonal produce so you don't have to question the quality of your meals. Their plans are reasonably customisable with a 'Family Plan', 'Classic Plan' and 'Veggie Plan' being able to feed either 2 or 4 people with a choice of frequency of between 3 and 5 meals per week!

One of Hello Fresh's biggest selling points is that all the shopping is essentially done for you so you don't have to waste time going to the supermarket, freeing up that time for other jobs after work or on the weekends. Because the meals are all pre-planned and portioned you also save a lot of time not having to plan what to have for dinner, you simply do that ahead of time when ordering your boxes. Some of the delicious looking meals include; Parmesan & Mustard - Crusted Chicken, Mushroom & Thyme Risotto and Mexican Beef Tostadas, yum!

Plate Up

Plate Up logo

Plate Up is a meal delivery service set up by Kiwi celebs Art Green and Matilda Rice who became industry couple-goals since appearing on 'The Bachelor NZ'. They've long been known as healthy living advocates and decided to start this venture together to help people that felt like dinner preparation was another daily chore. Plate Up is based on the Paleo diet which is basically sticking to food that our ancestors ate during the Palaeolithic (hunter/gatherer) times. 

Although they follow this Paleo blueprint, the meals provided by Plate Up really do not look like you'd be missing out on anything. These meals, which include Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Coconut Chicken Curry and Italian Meatballs look more fit for a Caveman King then resembling anything Palaeolithic, which is a bonus!

There are subscription based plans for weekly meal boxes or you can even purchase meals individually if you just need dinners for a weekend away or specific days. Because of the high quality ingredients and Paleo diet base, Plate Up is a little more expensive than other meal delivery services. 

The Food Company

The Food Company logo

The Food Company was started by a Kiwi family with many of the struggles we all face in relation to food and lifestyle. They were struggling to balance everyday commitments with being healthy & fit while failing to avoid drive-thru's for easy dinners. This business was born out of a need for nutritious meals that would relieve the stress of daily life and not add to it. There are great options online at The Food Company, including individual meals, weekly meal packs, a weekly Keto Box for people on the ketogenic diet and even an 8 meal Isolation Pack. 

The Isolation Meal Pack is an 8 meal bundle that serves as a one-off, instead of being part of a full on subscription plan. This helps people who would love a few days off from the dreaded supermarket trip or are lacking time and motivation to cook as we descend down the levels of lockdown. 

The menu is varied and vibrant with options such as Chicken Pad Thai, Herb Crusted Fish and Naked Beef Fajita which are all low carb! They also advertise as a fresh service as opposed to delivering frozen meals, this eases many people minds about the freshness and quality of the products they order. 


Fed logo

Fed is a very diverse meal delivery service. They have some more gourmet and alternative meal options such as 'French Mustard Chicken with baby herbed potatoes' and 'Beef Bourguignon with carrot mash'. 

There are a stack of gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian/vegan options available and it even mentions which meals are freezer friendly if you're wanting to bulk order and store meals for alternative nights in the future. 

There are several ways to enjoy the meals in plans that cater for different needs and groups. The FED. Family plan allows you to choose meals for two or three nights, the weekly subscription box is fairy self explanatory and the Kids Meal plan offer smaller, simple meals like 'Hidden Vege Bolognese' for fussy young eaters, these kids meals average around $8.95 each. 


How to choose the right service for your needs

Now that you have a little more information on some food delivery services, you can align your own vibe and needs with one that that suits you. 

The best place to start is meal research. Try ordering a meal from each of your top choices based on how they appeal to you with their backstory and types of food they provide. Pay attention to how long it takes to be delivered, compare price with taste and you'll have a winner based on what your budget and tastebuds say!  

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