Pro Supps Dr Jekyll Review

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Pro Supps Dr Jekyll Review

ProSupps Dr Jekyll is the more docile of the Pro Supps pre-workout line up.

Pro Supps have been in the business for a while now, and as a brand they have shown that they know what people want. While some people want the crazy stimulant pre-workouts like Mr Hyde, others prefer the gentler Dr Jekyll. We take an indepth look at Pro Supps Dr Jekyll in this review.

Jekyll Ingredients

The well-mannered Dr Jekyll is made up of a blend of ingredients that are designed to support and enhance your entire workout. With ingredients such as beta-alanine and histidine in the Endurance Complex, leucine and HMB in the Amino Matrix, creatine HCL in the Strength Matrix, caffeine and picamilon in the Energy & Focus Matrix, and glycerol, citrulline malate, agmatine sulphate, and norvaline in the Pump Matrix.

Unlike Mr Hyde, a maximum serve of for Dr Jekyll can be taken to 2 scoops, a total of 22.4 g. At this level, it provides quite a vigorous dose of everything.

Jekyll Effectiveness

Jekyll is an entirely different animal compared to Hyde, the energy beast. It has a more well-rounded list of ingredients that emphasizes increased strength, performance, and pump, with a little bit of an energy boost. The most noticeable feature about Jekyll, is the increased muscle pump that it can help provide. It is a pre workout recommended for pump lovers with some lifting experience under their belt.

Jekyll Pros

The biggest advantage of Jekyll is that it is a pre workout not all about the stimulants. Even at its maximum dose, its stimulant level is low compared to a single scoop of Hyde. With its well formulated pump matrix, it’s easy to see who Jekyll is targeted towards. Jekyll is more of an anabolic pre workout that helps you get results without relying on stimulants.

Just like Hyde, Jekyll has an exceptionally transparent label with no proprietary blends. ProSupps have gone to great lengths to disclose the exact concentration of every ingredient so you know exactly what and how much you are getting.

Jekyll Cons

If you’re taking pre workout for the stimulants, you may be left feeling somewhat disappointed. But there’s always Hyde for that. Instead, Jekyll focuses on increasing pump, performance, and supporting muscle building.

One potential downside to the formula is that the Amino Matrix, made up of leucine and HMB (two excellent ingredients) are somewhat under-dosed if you  only take a single scoop. But then again, Leucine is easily obtainable elsewhere, especially if you're taking amino acids after your workout.

Jekyll Taste & Mixability

Compared to its brother, Jekyll is definitely the better tasting of the pair. It mixes just as well, but doesn't have the slightly bitter aftertaste that you can get from the Hyde formulation. This is possibly due to the lower amount of stimulants. Jekyll comes in the same range of flavours as Hyde, including blue raspberry, watermelon, and punch.

Jekyll Verdict

Whether or not Dr Jekyll is a good pre workout for you is a matter of personal preference. If you're looking for a pre workout that isn't over the top with stimulants but provides plenty of pump, then you should give Dr Jekyll a go. If you prefer more energy than you know what to do with, you should probably look at Mr Hyde.

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