Top Post Workout Supplements

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Top Post Workout Supplements


Protein helps with building as well as maintaining muscle and is an essential part of your diet, taken post workout it can help speed up recovery by supplying amino acids to the body as well as all the building block the muscle needs to repair and grow.
Muscletech- Nitro Tech 100% Whey Gold
  • Lean protein with 24g of protein and only 125 calories per serve
  • Blend includes protein peptides as well as the standard isolate and concetrate, these peptides absorb faster allowing your body to start repairing that much quicker
  • Great taste

    BSN-Syntha 6/Syntha 6 Edge
    • Higher calorie protein with 200 cal per serve for original and 150 cal per serve for the edge version
    • Higher carbs - it is important to have higher carbs post workout to refuel glycogen to refuel your muscles, higher simple carbs can also increase insulin which allows your body to absorb and store amino acids such as bcaa, creatine and glutamine much more efficiently as well as decreasing your cortisol levels to help your body relax and get ready to repair
    • Multiple digestion speeds - being a blend of different protein sources with varying digestion times means it will supply your body with a steady stream of nutrients and amino acids if you are unable to eat for a while after training

    Carb powders

    Carb powders are helpful for restoring glycogen, reducing cortisol and increasing absorption of amino acids as previously stated these are commonly used with creatine to increase your body's ability to absorb it and store it in the muscles.

    1-up nutrition tri-carb
    • 25g of carbs per scoop
    • Unflavoured so can mix into your pre workout, bcaa or post workout protein shake without conflicting flavours
    • Multiple high quality trademarked carb sources such as cluster dextrin and carb10
    • Complex carbohydrates with low insulin impact for people who don’t want to spike insulin
    • Added electrolytes to help with rehydration post workout and replace any lost during training

    GAT Carbotein

    • 31g of carbs per serve
    • Designed specifically for glycogen replenishment of glycogen loading
    • Great taste
    • Added electrolytes
    • Additional bcaa to assist with recovery
    • Scivation Xtend
    • Scivation xtend is one of my favourite bcaa products, especially if you want to take it post workout it has
    • A high 7g dose of bcaa in the proven 2:1:1 ratio
    • Great flavours
    • Added electrolytes
    • Added glutamine to increase recovery and decrease delayed onset muscle soreness
    • Added L-Citrulline to increase blood flow to allow more nutrients to be delivered to the muscles faster to help with quicker repair


    Creatine is a great product for increased strength and performance the ideal time to take it is post workout when your muscles are depleted and taken with simple carbohydrates to increase absorption and allow insulin to shuttle it directly into the muscle the 2 main types of creatine are monohydrate and hydrochloride.

    Check out our great range of Creatine Supplements here and if you wanna get more info about Creatine and how to use it, our comprehensive Creatine Guide is for you!


    • Has the most scientific data backing its effect and safety
    • Cheapest form of creatine so it does not cost much to use
    • Flavourless so it can mix with anything
    • Hydrochloride (HLC)
    • Better absorption than monohydrate
    • No conversion into waste product meaning no need to cycle on and off it
    • Smaller dose due to superior water solubility and absorption
    • No bloating, water retention or gastric distress that some people may encounter with monohydrate (a very small percentage of people experience these issues)


    Glutamine can help with

    • Increasing recovery
    • Decreasing post workout muscle soreness in the following days
    • Also assists with gut health

    Wanna find out more about the importance of Glutamine? Then check out our latest article about everything you need to know about Glutamine!

    Combination post workout products

    Muscletech Nitro Tech protein original
    • High quality protein
    • Also includes a 3g serve of Creatine per scoop

    Muscletech Cell Tech

    • Mass building creatine/recovery formula
    • 5g of creatine per serve
    • Added bcaas
    • Contains electrolytes
    • 38g of carbohydrates per serve
    • Has simple carbs as well as complex carbs to spike insulin and allow the creatine, bcaa and additional ingredients or be absorbed and stored rapidly

    Gaspari Sizeon
    • Another performance creatine/recovery product
    • Contains a daily dose of creatine (amount is not disclosed)
    • Contains 40g of carbs per serve
    • Includes some whey protein hydrolysate, which is the most quickly absorbed form of protein available
    • Added bcaa included a huge 4g dose of leucine, the amino primarily responsible for anabolic response and muscle growth
    • Contains electrolytes
    • Also contains glutamine
    • Refreshing flavours

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