Platinum Labs

There’s a reason Platinum Labs are one of the fastest growing sports nutrition brands in the world. Their dedication is second to none and they provide innovative health products to consumers all over the globe. Looking for high quality sports nutrition supplements? Check out Sportfuel’s range of Platinum Labs products below:

Platinum Labs - Innovative Supplements You Can Trust

Platinum Labs is an Australian based sports supplement company with several research and manufacturing facilities operating out of the United States. From day one Platinum Labs have strived to become the most reliable, trusted and innovative supplement company on earth. The company are backed by industry leading brands, elite athletes and run by some of the greatest minds in the health and fitness industry. Platinum Labs started as a two man band, and has now become an internationally recognised organisation achieving great success and supplying high quality products.

Not the kind of company to emulate the approach of others - Platinum Labs always aim to create completely original products using high quality ingredients. In an effort to produce the best results for their customers. The Platinum Labs team have one simple goal: to provide supplements unlike any other on the market. Simply put, they want their supplements to be strong and they want them to give you results fast.

Pushing The Boundaries Of Performance with Platinum Labs products

In the lab the team always look to push the boundaries of performance. And they always aim to be completely transparent when it comes to the ingredients included in their products. Platinum Labs operate under the mantra: “impossible to hide.” Which speaks to what their formula does for the human body. It also underlines their commitment to building bonds and trust with their customers.

To help them follow through on this mission, Platinum Labs have created brand owned manufacturing. This means that unlike a lot of their competitors, the company have their own manufacturing facility. This allows them to control every aspect of their product creation, from the drawing board, all the way to the store shelves.

Their end to end process is GMP and FDA approved and they hold themselves and their products to the highest levels. Guaranteeing quality and affordability.

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