Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

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Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau
We love it when people start working on their bodies and their health. People who decide to lose weight are often surprised at just how quickly they start seeing results. The first few kilos drop pretty quickly and it seems like smooth sailing to a slim waist and the body you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately and, almost inevitably, most find they hit a plateau at some point during their efforts. It’s incredibly demoralising to see all of that progress stop suddenly - breaking through a plateau is one of the most difficult things you can struggle with on the road to achieving your goal body both mentally and physically.

Getting past the weight loss plateau

If you have struggled with weight before and tried to shed the pounds through exercise and healthy eating, it’s likely you’ve noticed the point where progress slows down for you. More often than not it’s just losing those last few kilos where you find that you struggle. Follow some of our tips to getting past your weight loss plateau and see the results that you’ve always wanted.

Start a new workout regime

Your muscles get accustomed to the same movements and the same routines week after week - so what could be better than shocking them back into overdrive with something new? If you have one, talk to your personal trainer about a new workout schedule or find new exercises for each of the muscle groups that you have been working on. Swap out running for skipping or rowing or take up a new activity at the gym like boxing. Make sure you keep up your protein supplement intake like ON Whey Gold Standard for better muscle recovery and growth as well; nothing burns calories faster than muscle!

Change your diet, drink more water

Consider a change in diet and reassess your intake needs. One of the main reasons that weight loss slows or stops is because people stick with a diet plan for far too long. You might need a lower calorie intake, less carbohydrates or more fibre. If you’re using a smartphone or computer app to count calories, it might be as simple as entering your new metrics to determine what your new intake should really be.

Also remember just how important it is to keep your water intake high. Cut out the sodas and juice completely if you have to - you’ll be surprised at how little you miss them within a week or two - and drink more water. It will flush sodium out of your body and you’ll find yourself eating less because of it.

Consider a fat burner

Fat burners like Xenadrine Ripped offer proven results to those working with a calorie-deficient diet and workout regime. It won’t make you lose weight magically while you sit around on the couch, but if you’re working out every week, spending some quality time doing cardio and watching your diet then it can help give you an extra edge.

It IS possible to break through your weight loss plateau – just follow these tips, stay focused, and you’ll soon have that body you’ve been wanting to show off at the beach this summer.

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